The title of this blog has so very many meanings. First and foremost it alludes to the fact that today is officially TOKYOMADE’s 1st birthday. February 14 holds a special place in our hearts for reasons other than V Day, although love hearts and big hugs also play a major role in our day of celebration.

This week we celebrated with fancy newness. Swooning over the artistic creations of Tokyo-based illustrator Josh McKible we welcomed his new range, MCKIBILLO to TOKYOMADE. The Nani Bird series is a constant source for a good old grin for us, knowing we are at times in the same boat as these lil birdies. Nani? (What?)


BLITZ Kiss added more vibrantly colored pop to her new accessory range. They are being snapped up, just like we knew they would! The kitschy Japanese toy theme in her latest range is a hot trend with many London hipsters!


chief&mischief keep serving up their superb style of tempting street wear. More tees headed your way.

It has been an enormous year filled with intensity and fulfillment. We launched on this day last year with a few fabulous designers and have grown to now support 40 Japan-based creators. A fabulously international mix of truly talented folks who blow us away daily with their professionalism, kindness and skill.

More than anything, TOKYOMADE has given us and many of the creators on this site the opportunity to connect, build friendships, share ideas and grow. This in itself is a powerful reward for the hard work and effort pumped into making a project like TOKYOMADE float (the parties are pretty superb too, a definite perk!) Thank you to each and every idea sharer, designer, illustrator, creator, maker, builder, producer, mixer you are a constant bubbling spring of pure inspiration for us! Thank you.

We are eternally grateful and connected to you; the supporters, fans, emailers, the shoppers for sharing our love for Japan-based creation and design. It is always a joy to hear from you, receive your messages of support and of course your purchases are telling of your admiration for the ranges on offer here at TOKYOMADE. Thank you.

We plan to celebrate tonight by joining Tokyo’s glitterati at Glitterball. Toted as the annual night of pleasure, thrills and chills. Sounds like a spectacular way to top of a thrill-filled year. Thank you once again, we intend to propose many a toast to you all. Looking forward to celebrating a decade of TOKYOMADE action with you!