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A gorgeous Summer day here in Tokyo followed by an almighty yet cleansing thunder storm that swept through, washing down everything and shutting down the trains for some time tonight.

I am doing OK after yesterday’s *thingie* but I couldn’t stop thinking about it, about him all last night and today. As I walked up onto the platform this morning there was not a sign of the tragic picture that was painted yesterday. I morbidly glanced at the tracks for evidence, some flowers, a mark of what had gone on yesterday. Nothing. Forgotten. The rain tonight washed any evidence of what he did away.

This morning I told a friend about it. His first question was, “Was he wearing shoes?” Shocked that he knew the body lay there with no shoes on I asked, “No, how the hell did you know that?” He replied, as if it were common knowledge “That is what they do, they take their shoes off before they jump.” When I spoke to Masao tonight about it, he agreed, “Yeah, Japanese people take their shoes off before they commit suicide.” I know the Japanese are very fastidious when it comes to taking off shoes before entering homes, schools, offices, some toilets etc but… I wondered out loud, “Is it because they believe they are entering heaven?” Masao shrugged as we crammed in through the doors of the packed train, “hhmm yeah maybe.”

Yesterday gave me a little shove and as with most powerful events in my life a flood gate usually opens up and wild, wonderful and often crazily coincidental things happen. Today was filled with all of the above and the sun shone in more ways than one.

In other news….

I love to dance!

On Saturday night me and my hoops danced with some very luscious ladies, sparkling men and Spider Man (projected on the wall of Super Deluxe) at GOLDEN.

Then on Sunday afternoon we took our hoops and got a little outdoorsy, a little dusty, a lot sweaty and whipped up a swirling storm at an outdoor trance party in Yoyogi Park. Filthy weekend hoop fun!