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It is my Grandfather’s 82nd birthday today and my Nanna and Grandfather’s 57th wedding anniversary. I called them this morning, they live in a beautiful part of Queensland, Australia, and they sounded so happy and lively. I wish I could be there to celebrate, play cards and hear their cool stories! I love them so much and miss them everyday. Usually the last thing I think about each night, despite the craziness and non-stop business that has gone one during the day, before I fall asleep is my mum, nanna, grandfather and sister (just check in with them seeing if they are cool).

My grandparents have always been big sources of wisdom, as many grandparents are. Today when I spoke to my Grandfather he said he had just been reading my recent articles about hooping to his neighbor. He said in his Aussie/ Irish accent, “By geez Deanne it’s bloody good, my word, you don’t want to work for anyone but yourself, you go out and get the life you want, too right. Good. Gooooood.” My nanna is always so happy and laughing, always has been, she can find the cheery, funny side to anything. When I asked her what she got for her anniversary she said, “Yeah.” (Her standard response for “nothing”) “57 years of hell” and then laughed her big, loving Nanna laugh.

These photos were taken at their home earlier this year when I returned to Australia for Hoop Dance teacher training.

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i love you nan