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I feel this welling sense of (hoop) love, like a proud mother on Sports Day! Tokyo hoopers are spreading their love and enthusiasm for the art of hoop dance in the most creative and wonderful ways.

When Jaime told us she was going to live on top of Mt Fuji for the Summer, we all openly told her she was batty! Our concern didn’t sway her enthusiasm and desire to reach the highest heights. What made her adventure even more remarkable was that she intended to rock on up to the top with a backpack and a HOOP, promising to photographically record her hooping above the clouds. She did! Congratulation to Jaimie for her mammoth effort and her debut on hooping.org.

When Kristen popped into a HOOPLOVERS class about two weeks ago I knew her bubbly spirit and natural grace would connect her to the hoop quickly, I no idea she would become such an over night super hoop star! With a diverse range of hoop moves already under her new, glittering belt she is headed straight to the top. Big plans, bold ideas and beautiful hoop moves; watch out for Kristen, hooping.org has already scooped her up!

Tonight some really special connections were made in the HOOP GLOW class, a hoop dance class focused on hoop and body awareness. Super Hoop lover Tracey, a hoop and keitai goddess, brought her very lovely 62 years young mother along to class. As soon as the spirited Barbara picked up a hoop she was sent spinning back to her childhood and showed us a few tricks that had us screaming for more. A first for me, Barbara made beautiful connections between the hula hoop craze of the 50s and the contemporary hoop dance style. As she talked about and demonstrated the hoop tricks she had mastered in her childhood I had images of streets filled with children hula hooping with brightly colored rings – similar to the visions I have of dance floors filled with hot adult hoopers with glitter covered rings. I am so grateful to the hoopers filled CLASKA with warmth, smiles, energy and grace tonight!