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When our funkalicious, fashion guru friend Gala Darling put out her birthday wish list this year we were chuffed to spot the pink swirling delights of CHAPTER among the other delicious picks.

It seemed wildly obvious that the Candy Pop ring was made for Gala and so the wish fairy packaged it up and sent it spiraling through the postal service to land on her door step in NYC. What became of the pink, luscious swirls of love after that is every Candy Pop Ring’s dream. The one of a kind CHAPTER accessory followed Gala on her glorious birthday and beyond escapades, oh if that ring could talk the stories we are sure it could tell. Luckily for us Gala is the mastress of documenting her outings and we squealed with delight as we spotted the CHAPTER Candy Pop ring accompanying her on her travels. The Candy Pop blinged in Gala’s Daily Outfits, it hang out with the Virgo beauties on their dazzling nights out, it attended the Virgo Birthday Extravaganza, got to be Gala’s date at many of the New York Fashion Week shows and generally got to join in the fun and frivolity that is every moment of Gala’s fabulous life.

As a result other global style lovers were keen to get a piece of the CHAPTER passion for fashion. While each accessory has it’s own unique essence and one of a kind vibe they were all lovingly welcomed to new funky fashion homes. The day came when TokyoMade became CHAPTERless. Thankfully the gorgeous CHAPTER duo came to the rescue. When we opened up one of the many boxes we received yesterday we gasped with delight, starred longingly at the box of CHAPTER bling, looked at each other and smiled in wonder of the lushness, then ran for the camera, for this is what we saw…

CHAPTER is back in the house babes! Bring on the bling! Stay tuned, photographing and uploading coming real soon!