There is video footage, there are photos all on their way, although none of which do the fun, frivolity and light filled shenanigans enough justice!

Think hair, flare and bling everywhere!!!

Last night when I read this on my facebook profile…
my body filled with pulsing energy, a swirl of flow pushed goose bumps to the surface of my skin, my heart flooded with tingling love pumping faster and my mind spun with images and visuals of color and light. Do you think I am excited to be going to my first Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras???

A special addition has come into our world. Bunny and I have been invited to perform at THE Mardi Gras party. The reality of this has not quite hit yet. Side by side with B Star under black light in the “Women’s Room” hoops spinning. YIKES!!!!!


Costumes are looking amazing but under wraps. Spaceship is ready to launch and we are packing for a weekend away from Starland. First stop Bondi for rehearsals.

Tomorrow night is the Club Kooky Mardi Gras Extravaganza. We, The Hoopaholics will land as the last act of the night, keep your eyes peeled for pics and vid…sure to be wild!


Club Kooky has been bring lovers of freaking dancing, interesting sounds and the esoteric arts together for nearly 14 years now. A huge range of acts, across the full spectrum of colour, movement and genre, have all shared their story and art with the club. We welcome peoples from all walks, skipsand jumps of life: queers of all ages, backgrounds and sexualities: drag kings, women, womyn, mtf, femmes, trans, butches, queerbois, dykes, bisexuals, trisexuals, ftm, men, transguy, butch, femme, muscle mary, gays, gayers, gayests, older, anti commercial music, fauxmosexuals, freak, trans woman, kinks, queens, twinks, bubblegum punkers, greys, bogans, fauxgans, goths, chunks, indies, hoes, ex models, bears, tallies, cubs, otters… we are all kooky…totes straight friendly too.

Walking around in an excitement coma! YEHAA!

Love to you all, thanks for being with me in my pumping heart and floating around in my mind on this amazing journey!