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Directed by Alex Chomicz
Photos by Nick Coppins

One sultry Sunday evening in Sydney as the moon was making it’s move and the party people were heading out to play, two intergalactic Hoop sisters, Bunny Hoop Star and dd hoop Love, were on the hunt for a gateway to a colorful playground, a spiraling vortex. A space were they could spin freely and playfully in a tranquil pod of color, light and sound before ascending to a new hoop filled dimension . It was in that moment that they spied the glow coming from within Sydney’s Customs House.

Drawn closer by the pulsating beats of the surrounding Spring sounds and the promise of a whirling wonderland within they carved an LED light path to the entrance.


Entering the historic form, the intergalactic space babes were unprepared for the rainbow splendor that lay beneath their furries and the magnetic force of that which hovered over their Party Tinas.

Surrendering to the retina tingling, wig quaking, spinal tapping surges that sent them spiraling and coiling into multiple levels of ecstatic hoop dance.
They played gleefully amidst the bubbling wonder of light and tinkling beats like hoopin fairies in a field of glitter clad wild flowers.
Until the urge to ascend to a far off place beyond the twinkling lights of the city became greater than the need to stay grounded on the Earth.
Hand in hand, hearts beating in time they were conscious of their destiny and what was needed before entering the departure lounge above. Sharing the hoop required multiple bodies, multiple hearts and multiple hoops. In a hoop move never before attempted Bunny Hoop Star and dd Hoop Love whirled, wound up and whizzed around and around with all their energy, love and sprite until they began multiplying.
Hooplings appeared armed with spinning hoops and hearts filled with positive hoop love. Their mission; to spread the message of hoop healing to those on Earth and beyond. And so it was…