As I sat at Masao’s desk rubbing incredibly hard to remove red nail polish from my finger tips, I thought “it’s that time of year again”. And then when I had a peek at my blog stats I realized other people were thinking the same. Mardi Gras time.

This time last year I was preparing for my first Sydney Mardi Gras. I don’t know if one can ever be fully prepared for such spectacular. It was beyond my expectations.

I had every intention to repeat last year’s extravaganza but it seems that the Universe had other plans for me. This February I am not going to Australia sadly and I will miss the glitz and glamor, the creativity and light. I will miss the people and the new connections.

This year though, I have been presented with some new opportunities. Just like this time last year, what is yet to come I don’t think I have fully soaked in.

eimi with hulahoop

Since my first visit to ageHa, well before I even knew what hula hoops were capable of, I dreamed of somehow being on the dazzling stages and podiums of the huge event space. I kept those vibrations pulsing as I ogled Pink from a front row seat, pumped the air with Fat Boy Slim and drooled over many a go go dancer, pole dancer and drag queen at various Shangri La nights.

Well, you know I keep on saying it, dreams do come true. Funny thing is they are not always in the form you first visualized or expected them. On February 25 I and my LED hoops will get a chance to be on both stage and podium at ageHa as the opening and closing act for…wait for it… Duran Duran. The event is set to be a fabulous 80s themed party, a private one with sequin clad go go girls, fabulous cover acts and Duran Duran. Practice is in full swing. This is a major honor for me but my thoughts keep clicking to what a wonderful showcase it is for the art of Hoop Dance. I will do my bestest, I promise!

Another factor keeping me from Mardi Gras this year was a potential TV appearance, without hoops. I was a little nervous and not entirely sure what was expected, some core rhythms show (??). When that got canceled unexpectedly I momentarily felt bummed, not because I was missing a TV op but because I had said no to a Sydney adventure for something that had not panned out.

Often, very often if you open up to it, life hands you copious gifts for very little work at all. I consider this next opportunity a pure gift from the goddesses.

I received a phone call from Masao last week saying a TV crew were interested in coming to FAB to meet me and my hoops. Naturally I had a few questions. Who? When? What the hell should I wear? The next day a very funky Japanese guy and girl rocked into the studio with a small camera, some unusual requests and an obviously limited understanding of Hoop Dance. With Kike and Masao by my side I played around in my hoops for the camera and was told we would hear back from them once they showed their director. A few more phone calls and a couple of days later it was confirmed that I would be taking my hoops and Mikori (Kana) on to a TV show called Sekai Marumie.

I don’t watch TV and have a very limited knowledge of celebrities in any part of the world, but when I mention this TV show to people they all seem to have the same reaction – their eyes kind of bug out of their head, their jaws drop and they say “you are going to be on TV with Takeshi?” The answer is YES!

Probably best known internationally for Takeshi’s Castle and his cinematic work, Takeshi is a genius.

The TV show does have a comedic focus though so I may be seen running around in circles with 20 hoops on my waist while Kana throws huge paper mache boulders at me that I have to duck and weave from. Who knows, but it is sure to be another adventure.

Thanks Universe!