My prayer or mantra for this month’s Radical Self Love journey is “I am stopping to smell the sweet and gorg roses. Soaking up the beauty, enjoying the moments of pleasure and forever reaching for a higher place of bliss and good feeling. What more can a girl ask for?”

Today we seized the perfect opportunity to do just that!

Waking up to frosty snow, I grumbled a little and rolled over to enjoy more warm futon time. After finally crawling out from under the covers, making a huge smoothly and thinking about the day’s plan I looked out through the window and saw that miraculously the Winter sun was out in full force.

I had no other choice but to cancel my plans, grab my hoops, tunes and head for the park!

This was a day of pure Radical Self Love. Taking a break, and enjoying the beauty that surrounds us is the most gorgeous form of self love in my opinion.

I now feel so much more invigorated and alive, ready to check back in on that to do list with a more positive perspective.

Here are some pics from our day of Radical Self Love in the park.

And here is a shot taken a little over two years ago, in the very same park on a very similar bliss filled, sunny winter day.