Photo by MzDay77

The Happy Hoop makes me happy, it will do the same for you. Had the pleasure of meeting Sara at Hoop Camp this year and she is even more vibrant in real life!

Who wouldn’t want to Thrill the World? I have missed all the Tokyo rehearsals but I am determined to get my zombie on!

Oh I so want to go here. A friend was telling us recently that Librace helped out Swarovski crystals when they were in a time of crisis, as payback Swarovski said they would cover any three of his items in crystals. What do you think he chose? His car! His grand piano! And an entire outfit! HOW FABULOUS!

10 Vegan Breakfast Ideas…I want every single one of them right now!

Marisa Tomei hoops it up in Shape Magazine. It’s old news, but she looks sweet.

Masao grabbed it for me the day it was released and I think my Kylie Aphrodite CD has finally been worn out. Yay for iPods.

Grabbed myself a Onesie crafted by Warrior Within Designs, sold by Onyx at Hoop Camp. I never want to take it off! Need more, they are divine.

Yes, this is what my yoga instructor, Justin Berti, wears to teach his classes. Impressive huh? I am motivated.

And this is what he wears on his days off. Love!

Radical! Banksy does The Simpsons

Don’t fuck with my gay friends.

Have a sweet and juicy day filled with all the things you desire. Me? I am off to enjoy a scrumptious brunch on the balcony with my boy. Yes!