On one of those interesting Winter days when I could really just stand swaying under the hot water of the shower all day if I let myself, I am urged to share some love with you, some things that have been rocking my world in various ways.

Since the moment Will Blunderfield’s album Hallelujah fell into my hands I have had it on repeat. During my yoga practice, hoop practice, on planes and trains, in my home, on the street, I can’t get enough of this uplifting and enchanting collection of songs. Will has a truly healing voice and it is an awesome mix of chants and lyrics including child voices that make it a powerful album that I never tire of. I just stumbled upon this vid of Will during the recording process – love! Really looking forward to meeting this beauty when he comes to Tokyo this year!

Hoop Technique has hit Tokyo. You need it!

Violently happy…why not? I feel like cutting my hair with this much passion but I think I will wait to consult a professional, somehow I have lost my self hair cutting mojo.

This woman rocks as does her words and how she delivers them.

If I was a man I think I would have to rock this style! Those freakin shoulder pads. HOT. I had missed out on the Adam Lambert craze, when I go back to Australia I always get my pop culture fill. I pressed play on my mum’s stereo and this husky beauty started playing.

This one always makes me cry. Oh and the hair gives me heart failure! If I was 15 I would have pictures of this man on every wall, door, cupboard, flat surface!

I am adoring releasing some throat Chakra blockages with singing meditations. Snatam Kaur has the voice of an angel that resonates so beautifully. The mantra in the track Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo “I call on Infinite Creative Consciousness. I call on Divine Wisdom ” is a beautiful beginning chant that helps tune into higher consciousness. And just feels too good to sing LOUD. My neighbors must LOVE me. ;)

Whataya LOVE? Sing it to me!