Truly and outrageously excited to share with you a new journey that Rebecca Chakra Ma and I will be guiding this April – Living Passionately Now.

We have spent so much delicious time together after a random meeting in Yoyogi Park last year. Instantly drawn together we began sharing the Sacred Spirals workshops, a fusion of Hoop Love movement and Kundalini Yoga. they were so juicy and well received that we got to co-creating a even more scrumptious path that would take the essence of the Sacred Spirals – the joy, the passion, the movement forward into bliss and purpose – and build a gathering space that would nurture the growth of beautiful beings in our community.

Feeling like things are stuck (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually)? Going through a big change or overcoming the past? Need to inject some LIFE into your life? On the hunt for meaning and purpose? Not sure what you would like to do with your life or how to go about it? Really ready to amp up your joy states and step into living as your true self?

Join Rebecca ChakraMa and Deanne Love on a 4 week journey. A pathway to living a life filled with passion and purpose.

Week 1 April 5 10am – 2pm
ME – Passionate Self Love

Come and experience the gift of self love, self acceptance and honor who you are through physical movement, meditations, self journaling and group sharings. You will begin to reconnect with your true self as you let go of your fears and limitations and awaken to your abundant potentials.

Week 2 April 12 10am – 2pm
WE – Passionate Relationships

As we move from ME to WE we begin to experience the joy of sharing our lives with people, places and nature. As we now stand in our truth we resonate with powerfully positive connections at home, at work and in the world. Through learning the art of compromise and balance in relationships, we then are able to experience the joy of support and security when connecting with others.

Week 3 April 19 10am – 2pm
US – Creating Like-hearted community

So now as we move from ME to WE let’s further expand into US and move into the responsibility of being part of a greater whole. Being with like minded, like hearted people allows us to experience not only the acceptance of self but the beauty in diversity.

Week 4 April 26 10am – 2pm
ONE -The Joy of Soulful Service

Traveling from ME to WE to US we now come back to ONE. Understanding that all is connected reminds us that what we give we will then get back in return. So as we live and give passionately meaning and purpose enfolds our lives.

This 4 week course includes weekly open discussions, physical practices, practical lifestyle support, guidance from Rebecca ChakraMa and Deanne Love, a delicious journal for recording your visions, artwork and progress, a juicy guide jam packed with tips, links, homework, practices, readings all designed to have you opening up to your true passions and living the life you love.

Rebecca’s home
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¥50 000
Includes 4 x 4 hour guided gatherings, personal journal, fresh offerings and juicy guide Living Passsionately Now to give you the boost to embrace your true potential.

Limited to 12 guests

To learn more about Rebecca and Deanne visit their online spaces or get in touch via facebook. coming soon!