Some stuff about me…

1. I have lived in Tokyo for more than 6 years. The key to longevity with my lover Tokyo is getting out as often as possible so I have ventured to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Tasmania, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, London, Paris, Rome, Venice, Athens, Barcelona, Ibiza, Paros, Mykonos, Santorini, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Thailand plus a tiny bit of Japan in that time. Where should I go next?

2. I am a hoop dancer, like the real deal that is what I do. I am a hoop dance teacher, performer and lover.

3. I inherently believe almost everything I read, therefore I have not read a newspaper, women’s magazine, celebrity gossip blog/mag or new headline in many, many years. I stick to things that I know are good for the soul.

4. I have one sister who lives in London, sometimes I wish she chose Tokyo instead Australia.

5. I am in love with the sweetest boy in the world and on September 13, 2010 we married after three fabulous days of wedding parties including a Kira Kira Circus made so very special by our amazing family and friends.

6. I think all forms of animal meat are disgusting and very stinky.

7. I am hooked on banana, mango and spinach smoothies.

8. I rarely put things back where they belong, but I am working to make it a new positive habit.

9. I am O blood type, in Japan that means a lot (and apparently explains why I am so messy).

10. My birthday is January 7, 1977. I always thought that was kind of special but secretly wished I was born 7-7-77…how cool would that be?

11. After being a full time primary school teacher for many, many years I left the classroom for the dance floor and office world of online street fashion.

12. I love Summer. I love everything about it, the smells, the fashion, the warmth, the atmosphere, the festivals. Winter makes me a little grumpy.

13. I get nervous filling in forms.

14. I have post office phobia.

15. I have to work hard to focus on any one project, my mind is always filled and racing with ideas and possibilities, I often find it hard to slow down.

16. I am in love with colorful and vibrant women.

17. Electronic music, with just the right beat and a female vocal gives me shivers of pure joy!

18. I love to dance, I have always loved to dance. I dream of a world where underground raves are the norm and ecstatic dance gatherings are part of the health system. Maybe they are in some cities, I should check into that!

19. Short hair, short nails, short attention span but not a short temper. I think I was born without the anger emotion, I get grumpy and frustrated just like most but it takes a lot to get me angry – a lot!

20. I am a daydreamer. It works out well for me!

21. I cannot wear high heels even though I think they are stunning. (but I have been practicing a little)

22. I think that all sickness is a direct result of our emotions and thoughts.

23. Red eyeliner has always been my thing but I have never worn red lipstick.

24. I cut my own hair but I have never cut another person’s hair.

25. I am a shop owner. Masao and I own and run Tokyo Made. We launched the online community February 14, 2007. ( I like that date a lot, looks good!)

26. I always knew my 30s would be great but not this great!

27. I have three four tattoos. One in the middle of my shoulder blades that I dreamed of during a Reiki session many years ago. After having the strong visual I went to work then next morning and opened up a new shipment of books, the book on top was a book about angels and had the exact same heart with wings I had seen animated the afternoon before. It is a heart with wings which I now know it to be the sufi symbol, proof that I was destined to spin. On my inside right wrist I have the seed of life symbol, resembling creation and hoops and on my right wrist I have the word love stitched into my skin in red ink. Hoop love. I got another block colored red heart on my wrist while in Santa Cruz this year, I loved strolling around that city by myself feeling so full of love I thought it a nice symbol to commemorate the time.

28. The thing I love most about living in Tokyo is that it is very safe (except for the earthquakes) I enjoy the freedom.

29. I stay up late, really late.

30. I get nervous when I am on stage and it is not because people are watching me it is because I am scared of heights. I like to have my feet on the Earth.

31. I went to university for a while but it all seems like a blur, light years ago. I came away with a degree in Marketing and HR as well as a Degree in Education. I guess they came in handy. ;)

32. I love when men wear pink. I think the pink for girls and blue for boys people got it all back to front.

33. I am a dragon. A double dragon in fact, an astrological label I share with Dr. Seuss.

34. I love ice, the frozen water variety.

35. I love glitter and use it in some form everyday.

36. My wardrobes have multiple personality disorder. My costume wardrobe is a flurry of wildness, animal prints, colors and textures. My everyday wardrobe is a mash of black, grey and dark greens. I like contrast.

37. I have recently made friends with fire and it has opened a whole new world. Fire hooping, fire spinning and fire eating. Hot stuff!

38. I have a thing for gaudy, over the top head dresses. There are a few show girl type shops in Harajuku that I am hooked on. I stroll in far too often and just stand staring at the beaded, feathered, sparkling monstrosities. Bangkok makes me gaga! Those lady boys have got it too good!

39. I am a visual learner. I absorb in visuals and I release in visuals. I have learned from this that making a visual of what I want in my head works wonders for creating it. Being a day dreamer now has a whole new meaning.

40. I have super rad friends who do really cool stuff! I am often ridiculously blown away by the collective creativity I am surrounded by.

Now tell me a little something about you…

10 thoughts on “ME”

  1. i am a O type and very messy too.

    didn’t it totally puzzle you the first time a japanese asked you what your blood type was? the first time my friends asked me, i was like, “why do you want to know unless you want my blood!” heh heh.

  2. sushizume said:

    Bizarre but true! ;)

  3. michaeljohngrist said:

    Hey there, I saw your site on Englishman in Osaka’s blog- I was wondering if we could exchange bloglinks? I have you on my site already- the blog title is Big Red Dot. It’s Japan stuff, haikyo and some humor.


  4. Hi Nice to meet You..

    I’m Indonesian Boy..

    Douzo Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu..

  5. We have so many things alike! This was such a fun read. The blood type thing has me curious now, and I am going to have to look it up someplace to see what mine is supposed to mean. :)

  6. ieatmypigeon said:

    Hi! I noticed you added me on twitter; thank you! I’m enjoying looking through your blog. I told my family I’d only be away for 1 year, too. It stretched into 2 but I actually am leaving Japan now … however, going home is another story.

    You’re a hula hoop dancer? Very, very cool.

  7. Rwen (Ms) said:

    Hi I’m planning to move to Tokyo & like to find out a few things from you. Can you write to me ? Thanks a lot.

  8. #35: A goal everyone can aspire to ;-)

  9. hi Sushizume,

    popping again to say “hi”.
    Waa you blog is getting exciting again haaa

    Hope you got a new 2010year


  10. I live in Tokyo too!
    And I’m also in love with the sweetest boy in the world. But it’s not the same as you, I promise :)

    We should eventually meet !





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