You probably clicked on this page to find out more about me; thank you. I’m happy to share, if you promise to do the same. Wanna dance?

Me? Teacher. Creator. Dancer. Movement activist. Storyteller. 

And listener. I want to hear your story. And share it. Why? So we don’t feel alone, so we can better understand each other, so we can be who we truly are.

My latest project is called Yoni Powers and I am calling on all women to share their stories. What is yours? 


Lifeforce Projects | Founder & Creative Director

11 Past 11 Studio Gold Coast | Partner & Mess Maker

Too Rad Chicks | Co-host with Grace Hogan

Yoni Powers | Creator & Story Sharer


DEANNE LOVE. That's me.

It’s always tricky writing these things. So here is what you really need to know. I am sure we will have so many more opportunities to chat later.

I am someone who took the path of least resistance. I studied hard, worked long and woke up one day with my creativity ready to divorce me, my energy barely able to go on and my soul in tatters. So I threw it all in for a life of clarity, creativity and courage. 

And I never looked back… That was well over a decade ago.

I have learned a lot, shared a ton and reached millions in those ten years. The greatest lesson of all? It’s an inside job. Doing the inner work crafts the outer landscape you desire.

More than anything, I need you to know that you are powerful. And now is the time for you to speak up and be heard. We are in this together. I known it can be scary but oh so liberating…and essential,

Being wildly successful, for me, means total freedom. No alarm clock, no financial blocks, no barriers to creativity and expansion. And lots of play and beach days.  

It means speaking truth, being heard, making a difference.

My greatest achievements come from being of service. I have taught thousands of women around the world how to embrace success on their own terms. Community is everything to me and I consider them (you) my nearest and dearest.

Teacher. Dancer. Creator. Movement activist. 

Oh and yes, you should probably know that I have been a full time hula hoop teacher for close to a decade and built a wildly connected community in a super niche space that has allowed me to travel the world, support myself financially, train over 700 teachers worldwide with my own program, master Social Media without it strangling me, launch over 20 successful and sold out online courses, grow a YouTube platform with over 100 000 subscribers, create killer online content, open and run a creative studio in Australia AND still have time to go to the beach, do Yoga and dance most days. WITHOUT hustling, selling my soul or giving up my freedom.

Grab a cuppa and I will spill all the tea on exactly how I did it.


Deanne Love Hula Hoop Best Instructor

Who would have thought that a hula hoop could train me to be a creative and courageous business woman.

True story.

From time to time you will hear me refer to my love of hooping.


You can see me in action on A global business and community I built from scratch.

Yes, I quit my career to become a hooper.

We're in this together. Right?

It’s nice to know that we are connected. And super human. And will be dancing together very soon. In spirit or in sweatiness.

Sometimes a podcast, perhaps a love letter, maybe a meditation. I like to mix it up. Don’t you? 

Let’s keep things spicy.