Deanne Love Sacred Dance

30 Day Activation
Move Your Feelings

Daily movement ritual grooving your body and soul into positive action

Your body + pumping beats + 1 minute a day = manifesting all that you want and need

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What if you gifted yourself with the ultimate revival for your body and your soul?
A daily expression of self care and healing

What if all you need is 1 minute a day to feel a huge shift?

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30 Day activation guide (download)

Activation Playlists (4 moods)

Journal prompts, daily intentions + more...

This 30 Day Activation was born out of a desire to connect with a daily devotional movement practice that is:

+ authentic  + intuitive  +  minimalist  +  healing

4 things make this activation extra magic

movement (daily 1 minute dance)

* dance * hoop * walk * wobble * sway * twirl * twerk


* smoothie * water * fruit * vegetable * love * laughter * touch


* the life force of all healing


* a daily focus to anchor into

The magic is in the starting. We start with just 1 minute per day. You choose if you want to keep the shift happening.

If I told you that we have to meditate for 1 hour, workout for 1 hour and make smoothie for 1 hour, chances are you are not going to stick to a 30 day activation. But if we start with just 1 minute, it may turn into 10 minutes or on your most fabulous days it might turn into a whole hour of soul shaking, booty popping JOY.

The way to form a new positive habit is to START. The way to make a huge shift in your life is to start with activated small changes that are available to you right now.

Have you got 1 minute to make a huge difference? YES!

It is a global, daily movement devotion. Every day we get up and move our miraculous bodies, we dance our feelings, we shake our soul. Any way we can.

Each day of the 30 day activation you will be guided by an intention, a core desired feeling to anchor into, however you can choose your own intention or focus each day.

It is a way to express, feel, move through what is holding us back to shake our body and emotions into positive action.

Studies show that dance and movement has a powerful healing impact by reducing stress levels, strengthening the body, boosting mood and soothing anxiety and depression.

You don’t need to know “how to dance”. You don’t need any special equipment or a big space. You don’t need a lot of time. You simply need to move any way you can, any where you can, any time you can, daily.

You are supported to make a shift.

NO you don’t have to make a smoothie every day (but I will share recipes) 

NO this is not about weight loss or dieting this is life altering

YES this is all about loving and moving your incredible body any way you can

YES this is about embracing your brilliance and moving your feelings every day

NO you don’t need to “know how” 

NO you don’t need lots of time or space

YES you will feel good

YES you can heal your life

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