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77 Acts of Self Love: Make positive daily change

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Self-love is real, true, authentic courage.

It takes clarity to understand wholly how you desire to feel and then full heart power to embrace your innate connection to it all. It takes devotion to not back down from embodying those feelings by doing the real work.

Along the way, spirited acts of self-love will guide you and support you through it all. But the key is action.

Action doesn’t mean busyness, it symbolizes respect for yourself in all your truth.

Here are 77 acts of self-love. Some scary, some small, but none of them insignificant.

Acts of self-love can be met with resistance when we ignore our true brilliance. Be kind, be compassionate, be easy on yourself. You are supported to dance through it all.

A huge dollop of gratitude to all of the beautiful humans who responded on my Instagram to “what does self-love look and feel like to you?” Top responses; the hint of many you will find below.


“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” ~ Anaïs Nin

  1. Treat yourself to a blissful guided meditation. I highly recommend Tara Brach or Tahlee Sonesence
  2. Take yourself on a date to the farmer’s markets, buy yourself the juiciest, sweetest fruits and layout in the Sun gobbling them all up. Bonus points for letting the juices drip all over yourself, licking your fingers and giggling to yourself with pleasure. Savor every moment. Taste the divine.
  3. Make eye contact. Soulfully connect in an authentic way, even if you feel a little shy.
  4. Be honest. With yourself and then with others. Openly honest. Give yourself permission to release people pleasing efforts. Take the weight off. Say what you mean, even if your voice shakes and your heart rattles. This is a powerful act of selflove and empowerment.
  5. Whistle along to these covers with glee in your heart. Yes!
  6. Let yourself do nothing at all for a moment, an hour, a whole day.
  7. Allow yourself to let go of needing or wanting to fix other people’s problems. Oh, big one! Smile in your heart knowing that you can support and love them with compassion.
  8. Listen, carefully and intently to your gut. She knows.
  9. Sleep. Nap. Slumber. Laze around. Ain’t a sin. It is essential healing of the highest quality.
  10. Say no.
  11. Say YES!
  12. Make yourself a divine cup of succulent tea in the cutest cup you can find and snuggle up with your journal.
  13. Take yourself to an exotic location. Alone. You get to define “exotic” Could be a nearby palm tree, your bathtub or a tropical island. All are equally divine.
  14. Go to the dog park or beach. Connect with the pure bliss that dogs exude when they are playing. If the dogs and owners are friendly maybe you could find yourself in a puppy cuddle puddle.
  15. Go to 5Rhythms
  16. Give yourself a soothing, luxurious self-massage. Light some candles, put on some mellow tunes and dedicate loving energy to yourself.
  17. Pray from your soul.
  18. Chant from your heart.
  19. Sing from your womb. Loudly. Or gently.
  20. Do a meditation with your Future Self
  21. Grab a sketch pad, journal or just the back of a napkin and draw. Ah ah don’t tell yourself you don’t know how…just let it flow. Use crayons if you can find some.
  22. Write yourself a love letter. Put it in an envelope, splash it with your fav essential oil, maybe add some flower petals as a surprise, address it to yourself, seal it with a kiss, put a stamp on it and post it to yourself. Skip to the mailbox when you get a special delivery.
  23. Book yourself in for a workshop that you have been thinking about for a while. Cooking? Dancing? Knitting? Pottery? Calligraphy? Hip Hop? DJ school? Tarot card reading? Tantra? Massage? Makeup?
  24. Take yourself on an Artist Date. Here are 101 Artist Date ideas for you. You are so welcome!
  25. Create a beautiful shrine in your home. Decorate it with your fav symbols, crystals, flowers and other treasures.
  26. Adorn yourself with your most beautiful jewelry, scarf or most precious piece of clothing. Walk down the street like the Queen that you are.
  27. Invest in your pleasure. OMGyes!. A Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand perhaps? Or your own crystal egg?
  28. Go skinny dipping in fresh water and feel your skin ignite with joy
  29. Create a Reverse Bucket list. Instead of writing a list of all of the things you want to do, write a list of all of the wonderful moments and achievements that have brought you to this present moment. Celebrate your bravery, the big hurdles and the times of pure happiness in your past.
  30. Ask friends or locals about a reputable healer. Treat yourself to a deep healing session or two. Reiki, crystals, massage, breathwork, cranial sacral therapy.
  31. Tell a friend that you trust about a crush that you have or have had and how adorable they are, how they made you feel. Guilt-free. Giggling totally encouraged.
  32. Ask for help. Get the support you need to move forward. Take this action without heaviness. Now is the time to shift anything that is stuck. Life is about living, give yourself the gift of self-empowerment. Asking for help is not weak, it is wise warrior shiz! Do it. Write it down first if it helps, then speak it to the people who matter, they are listening and will understand.
  33. Hire a bike, if you don’t have one, and go for a ride. Through the streets. Along the beach. At sunrise. Or sunset. Smile at people. Stop and talk to people or lay in the park for a break.
  34. Invite some friends over to play board games. Ask them to bring a yummy dish of their fav food. Play fun songs, laugh, enjoy soulful conversations.
  35. Order some flowers, bake a cake or make something with your hands for someone you admire. Deliver it to them with a smile.
  36. Go to a fun shopping area, a market or place with independent stores and chat with the shopkeepers. Swap stories, ask questions and find out how they started doing what they do, how long they have been there, what their future plans are.
  37. Sing really loud in your car. If you don’t have a car, sing really loud on the train…ha ha! OK maybe in your shower.
  38. Pick a theme and invite your friends over for a party. Madonna? Harry Potter? 90s dance party? Tight & bright? Snow pants or no pants? Ha! Blacklight?
  39. Stand in front of the mirror, look into your beautiful eyes and tell yourself all the things you are longing to hear. If it feels uncomfortable, which it likely will, take a big deep breath and continue to pour out the love you deserve. Look deeper into the windows of your soul.
  40. Find a hammock, a window bay, a towel for the beach, a beautiful tree to sit under and take a moment or several to start a book you have been meaning to read.
  41. Give yourself a relaxing and deep tarot or oracle card reading. If you don’t have a deck, call up a friend who might or visit your local crystal/mystical shop. Or try Instant Intuition with Inner Hue
  42. Switch your phone off. For the whole day. Really get honest with yourself about how much you actually NEED to look at the screen at all.
  43. Go to the art gallery, museum, or exhibition. Go alone. See all the things you want to see without distraction.
  44. Plant a tree, or a plant, or a whole garden. Talk to it, take care of it, love it the way you would any living creature.
  45. Visit a temple, a church, a sacred place. Spend time in silence, adore the architecture, appreciate the history, respect the ritual (whether it aligns with your belief system or not they are all places of worship for someone and should be adored for the space they hold)
  46. Learn some Kundalini Mantras, Kirtan Chants or any Bhakti practice. Hum them, whisper them, soulfully sing them. To feel the full effects of heartfelt devotion make them a morning practice or find the closest Kirtan in your area.
  47. Create your own chant. Take some time to write down one or two affirmations, a poem or a song. Over the next few days start to sing these words into a melodic pattern and create a chant that is very personal to you that you can sing anytime you need support, you need to feel centered and calm. For decades I have sung to myself “I am alive with the joys of living, I deserve the very best in life. I love and accept myself just the way I am, I am happy, I am free” Sometimes it comes out to the tune of Deck the Halls. Ha! Christmas conditioning from birth.
  48. Make space. Clear one area of your house or room. Make the cleaning like a meditation, not a chore. Feel the benefits that a clear space has on cleansing your mind. Spend quiet time in your newly cleared space.
  49. Paint something. Your nails, the fence, a wall, a watercolor piece, a portrait.
  50. Make yourself the most delicious fresh juice, superfood smoothie or nutrient dense vegan bowl (whether you are plant-based or not) feel all of the goodness saturate your cells and fill you up with life-giving energy. Also feel your mood lift and your tummy rumble with the joy of digestion.
  51. Find a source of fresh, clean, chemical free water. Drink it from a tall glass or a large glass bottle. Preferably in the Sun…daily!
  52. Give your neck and shoulders a moment of release. Try this gentle practice.
  53. Try the 5 Minute Journal.
  54. Forgiveness. First of all towards yourself and then towards anyone or anything in your life that is still dragging behind you. Get the help of a friend, a Yoga teacher, a therapist or online meditations to support you in the process.
  55. Daydream. Fun, playful, silly, happy, carefree daydreaming. Lay out in the park, on the balcony, beach, backyard or somewhere safe and cozy and let your mind daydream up something fabulous…a holiday, a fantasy, an art piece, a song, a story. Catch yourself if your daydream turns to worrying thoughts or your to-do list, let yourself drift back to the creative daydreaming instead.
  56. Go and do a fun workout class, an interesting dance class, a style of Yoga you have never tried, a physical healing practice or an adventurous physical challenge. Even if it feels well out of your comfort zone you are likely to really surprise yourself, feel a rush of good hormones through your body and maybe even make some new friends.
  57. Get super creative in the kitchen. No recipe needed just a vision of full flavor and vibrant colour. Cook a delicious meal for yourself or someone special. Turn up the tunes while you are whipping it up, focus on the meal as a masterpiece that you are crafting not just food to stuff in your mouth. Maybe even make a menu, plan several courses…then get someone else to clean up or clean up with friends and laughter. Make the ordinary more exciting and creative.
  58. Give yourself a foot massage before you put your shoes on. Don’t be in such a hurry that you miss the divine pleasures of life.
  59. Pamper yourself. Clean and cruelty-free doesn’t have to be expensive. Massage your scalp with organic coconut oil, leave it in there while you smother your face with avocado or banana and massage your whole body with your fav oils. Choose this self-care over Netflix, an unnecessary meeting or internet scrolling time.
  60. Become super mindful of how you spend your free time, what you are absorbing, watching, connecting to. Know that you have the power to make healthy changes, one step at a time. You can make simple swaps. Nightly Netflix vs nightly walk/yoga/dancing/chanting/foot rubs/deep conversations/hooping/moonlight gardening/book writing/tea ceremony/meditation/self pleasure/pole dance/costume design…you name it
  61. Play on the swings at the park. Bonus points if you stay up talking with a friend on the swings until sunrise and then snuggle in for a morning sleep in, rising for brunch and more park time. Sounds like the perfect Sunday!
  62. Join a women’s circle, speaking group, local community activity.
  63. Draw a mandala. Color it in. Leave it somewhere for someone to find it’s beauty. Or make a natural one with rocks, leaves, seeds and twigs. Leave it for someone to stumble upon and wonder who made the beautiful piece of natural art.
  64. Volunteer for a local shelter, charity or group in need.
  65. Include 5 – 10 minutes of breathing practice in your day. Every day. Try Nadi Shodhana for balancing and calming
  66. Journal. Daily. Your hopes, dreams, fears, worries. Your past, your present, your future. Your visions, mysteries, complexities and overwhelm. Get it out of your brain. Everyday.
  67. Have conversations. Face to face. With humans you like. Many times a week. Actively seek these interactions.
  68. Play. A game. With your cat. With children. With a kite. Play. More often.
  69. Write a big, long list of all of the things that have brought joy into your life. Cherish these moments, linger on fond memories.
  70. Connect with the Moon. When she is new welcome in fresh ideas and opportunities when she is full let go of build up and the unwanted. Look up to her often, seek her out, know that she is in you and all around you and that you both have the same powers to turn tides, shift energies and grow brilliance.
  71. Start something. Something you have wanted to see happen for a long time. A weekly gathering, a monthly meet up, a community cooking class, a book, a course, a revolution. Just start something that you are longing for.
  72. Find a teacher. A great one. Learn from them. Become a student over and over again.
  73. Do or don’t do. Make a list of all of the things you have been “meaning to do” and then make a decision about each one. You either DO IT or completely let it go. The weight of it’s linger will be lifted whether you choose to do it or not do it but make a decision to release the heaviness of just thinking about it. Go for it or get rid of it. Stop telling yourself you are going to do it one day if you have no real intention. Let yourself off the hook or dive right in.
  74. Cut chords. Is there a person, situation or belief that is draining you? Try a cord cutting practice.
  75. Dance. Daily. To a variety of music. Experiment with soft and sensual then chaotic and wild. Release the belief that you cannot dance. Start each practice slowly and move into the waves of your own energy until you feel a sense of lightness, this is flow. It is a state we all have the ability to access. It is freedom. You deserve it.
  76. Swap screen time for real time. Daily.
  77. Be love. Practice compassion in all the ways that you can be mindful of. Be kind to yourself, to others, to all living creatures. Discover more and more ways that you can share love, be an example of love and receive love. Allow this to filter through your thoughts, your practices, your words, your actions, your writing, art, posture, your choices, your work, all things in life. This is a lifelong practice. Practicing love and compassion does not mean we are all rainbows and sparkles all of the time, it is about experiencing the fullness of life, all of it’s emotions, adventures and greatness.

Close your eyes. Take a moment to breathe into all of the sensations that you feel in your miraculous body right now. Send compassionate healing love to every cell, every joint, every part of your body, mind and soul at this moment. Reconnect mindfully to what living life truly means. It is not just existing, it is having the courage to be honest, have your desires met and be the one you have always wanted. YOU are love.

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