30 Day Activation 1 minute a day #danceyourfeelings

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This week I want to invite you to something rather magical. Potentially life altering. Something that has had a huge impact on my health, both physical and mental. It has shifted the way I feel about my body, how I relate in the world and how I navigate my feelings each day. A powerful yet simple daily ritual.

Towards the end of last year I was going through some big stuff, so I made myself a smoothie, threw on one of my fav songs and started dancing around in my living room. As a fun experiment, I videoed it, added a witty caption that gave a running dialogue of my inner critic and slapped it up on Instagram. I added the hashtag sacredsmoothiedance

The caption went like this…

My Inner Divine has gone into zero tolerance mode and shiz is getting REAL.
IC (Inner Critic) : Bish you is crazy dancing around with that smoothie. Staaaaaap!
ID (Inner Divine) : Werq it mama. Yas. Just dance.
IC: The neighbours are watching, they think you are warped.
ID: lock the door and turn up those muthaeffin beats sista. Just dance.
IC: You got work to do, house to clean, a full day of coaching calls
ID: Only thing you need to do right now is WORK that booty lil mama. Just dance.
IC: Peeps gonna think yo craaaaazy.
ID: Let ‘em. If they are not dancing they are the crazy ones. Just dance.
IC: You really shou…..
ID: Just Dance!
IC: can’t argue wit that

What if you could fully embrace what a complex and miraculous creature you are? You can be simultaneously courageous and scared. You can be both brave and terrified. Passionate and still seeking.

But you know according to studies there are two states you cannot experience simultaneously. Pleasure and anxiety

In this life I have experienced the extremes of both and that is why I live in the delicious pursuit of pleasure. Anxiety is no longer a path I have chosen to dance…even when she taps me on the shoulder and asks for my hand. .

It seemed only fitting to perform a #sacredsmoothiedance in celebration of all that is happening. Not in an effort to block out pain or fear but in a conscious desire to call in the full spectrum of wonder this life and beyond has to offer.

Where my Sacred Smoothie Dance peeps at? I know you are out there and in my inbox 😘😘 This one is for you.

Immense love and gratitude for all of your support at this time. Your words on my last post are like light running through my soul. All my love and gratitude ❤️ Blown away by your beauty. #smoothie #dance #pleasure

Yes I like to write loooong captions on my Insta

And so the #sacredsmoothiedance (which I am renaming the 30 Day Activation because smoothies are not mandatory) was born out of a desire to connect with a daily devotional movement practice that is:

+ authentic + intuitive + minimalist + healing

Because it felt so good, because I trust in the flow of feeling amazing, because I have learned to gently chase that feeling and seduce her until she takes notice and decides to dance with me, I kept sweetly proding the idea of daily dancing with a smoothie for nutrients, daily movement for authenticity and connection to feeling and sharing it to stay committed to the devotional practice.


At first, it was a trickle. I would share a vid here and there and some other playful creatures would respond.

Then I hit a bump in the road. I got period pain for the first time in over a decade and I took it as a warning sign that my body was craving a commitment to self love, pleasure and movement. This lead to my commitment to pleasure shifting into overdrive. I would dance daily, I would move my feelings, I would add a smoothie for nutrients and I would share it with anyone who needed it.

It has been 28 days of dancing my feelings. No matter what. Any way I can. Slow and sad, ecstatic and joyous.

I have danced since I can remember. On dance floors, on stages, as a teacher and a student, free flowing and choreographed, ecstatic and sensual, awkward and stumbling. I am not a trained dancer, just like you I was born knowing how to heal my body through movement, we are all dancers. I can honestly say this last 28 days of devoted practice to moving my feelings, however they show up, has been some of the most insightful moments of my movement journey.

I have put a video in my insta stories every day of me dancing my feelings, often with the caption “1 minute is all it takes to make a shift” or “have you got 1 minute to make a change” I share these videos for my own pleasure and accountability but also in the hopes of acting like a permission slip to others to get up and move any way they can. Keep it simple, keep it real, keep moving.

The most unexpected outcome is that women from all of the world have begun to join me. Many of them still shy to share their beauty, some choosing to keep it private and others out and proud. They are showing up for themselves. And this is where the real spark gets ignited. Their courage and realness has lit my fire to create and connect.

And if you are wondering what 1 minute a day of moving your feelings can do, here are some of the responses I am hearing …

  • I felt the fear and did it anyway and I surprised myself at how good it made me feel.
  • I feel like it activated the pleasure in my brain and flooded my body with endorphins
  • It has released a lot of stress and anxiety I was holding onto
  • I feel much healthier, like 1 minute a day has boosted my immune system
  • I am feeling and looking stronger in my body
  • Feelings of euphoria and pleasure
  • I have been sleeping better, feeling well rested when I wake up
  • I feel my circulation is better
  • I have zero pain in my body
  • I am feeling super youthful
  • I feel super fucking cool
  • On an energetic level I am feeling more receptive to pleasure and the channels of energy in my body are vibrating at a much higher and more clean level.
  • I am feeling more calm and happy generally
  • My energy levels have been increased

So I am supremely overjoyed to share a 30-day activation with you. I am going to map it all out here for you and you can also find all of the details on deannelove.com/activation


I am inviting you to join me. It is free and you don’t need anything else but your body and your breath, but if you choose to add some other more creative variables then that is also open to you. I will share some ideas with you in the 30-day activation guide and tell you where you can grab that soon.

It feels super special to be connected in this way, knowing that we both understand the power of movement. It is medicine. It is a healer. Perhaps the greatest I have ever known.

Dance has given me the courage to take actions in life I would otherwise never take.

I created this 30-day activation for us because I have had such powerful, life-changing results from simply dancing my feelings every day. Even on the days when I didn’t want to (especially on the days when I didn’t want to!) and I have seen the shift in others.

This is not about filling your life with more things to do or creating pressure, it is about activating a daily devotion, opening up space and freedom in your life to feel and heal.

There is nothing you need to know that you don’t already innately have. Over the next 30 days you simply need to dance your feelings, move your body in any way you can, any where you can, any time you can. And feel the massive shifts in your body, your relationships, your health, your life.


You are supported!

NO you don’t have to make a smoothie every day (but I will share recipes)

NO this is not about weight loss or dieting this is life altering

YES this is all about loving and moving your incredible body any way you can

YES this is about embracing your brilliance and moving your feelings every day

NO you don’t need to “know how”

NO you don’t need lots of time or space

YES you will feel a huge shift if you dive in

YES you can heal your life



Life is BIG. For many of us it can feel like it gets busier day by day. We tell ourselves we don’t have time, space or energy. We don’t feel like.

But when we stop moving our bodies, we stop moving our emotions. Our energy gets stuck and can turn into really heavy or overwhelming feelings, pain and stress in the mind and body. This can have a seriously negative impact on our health, relationships and freedom in life.

When we give ourselves the gift of movement, any way we can, we give ourselves the ability to process emotion, move stress, lighten the tension of our mind and flood our body with feel good chemicals.

1 minute a day can make a huge difference.  Have you got 1 minute to feel and see positive changes in your life?

We can all make space for 1 minute of magical movement and manifestation in our day.


What might happen if you devote yourself to daily movement?


If you believe in them

You might feel

  • a sense of freedom in your body
  • a release of many of the heavy thought cycles that you have been holding onto
  • an overwhelming sense of gratitude (the basis of all manifestation aka amazing shit happening in your life)
  • a deeper connection with and love for your body
  • more courage to do the things you have been yearning for
  • more clarity in your thoughts and visions
  • positive shifts in your mood, your life, your body


Why only 1 minute?


You can move your feelings and dance into freedom for as long as you like but the real magic is in the starting.

Let’s start with 1 minute

If it turns into 10 minutes or 1 hour then that is amazing but the most vital part is that you start. All positive shifts and habits come from starting small, being consistent and growing from there.

You can make this daily activation as simple as

  1. press play on one of the Sacred Smoothie playlists
  2. Start moving

Keep it simple
Show up
Move your body
Feel the shift


“I don’t know how to dance” I hear this often

Yes you do

You were born to dance
You were born with love and wonder for your body
You were born with compassion and creativity in your soul

Perhaps you have forgotten somewhere along the way but now is the perfect time to remember. Now is a sweet time to drop all of the conditions that say you need to look a certain way, be trained a certain way. Now is a divine time to recognise and release (through movement and expression) any of the limiting beliefs you hold around your beautiful body and it’s wisdom, it’s capability to know exactly what to do.

You are a miracle in motion.
You have play in your heart, expression in your soul.
You are dancing through life with such courage, daily.

Give yourself the gift of allowing your body to take over, to move in the way she craves.
Without push, without rush.
There are no steps you need to know, no choreography to be remembered.

When we dance our feelings, we tune in and listen, the mind can take a sweet rest and let the body take up space.

How to rock your own 30-day activation


  • Set an intention for the day (or use the 30 day calendar of intentions)
  • Turn up the Sacred Smoothie Playlist (choose your mood there are 4 different playlists for you)
  • Create the smoothie or nourishment of your choice
  • Move your body for 1 minute OR LONGER
  • Journal Reflect Manifest


Share a video or pic of yourself on Instastories to inspire others and stay connected
It is very fun & liberating so I highly recommend it.

Please tag me @deannelovexo



Not into smoothies? (swap it)

water + your children + your breath + another prop

coffee + a lover + your best friend + a family member



  • a full-length mirror (dance for yourself)
  • record yourself (whether you share or not…simply adore your body)
  • a special piece or costume that makes you feel divine
  • comfortable cushions, fake fur rug for floor dancing





How to use the 30 day activation guide I created for you (you can find it for free at deannelove.com/activation )

At the back of the 30-day activation guide you will find a calendar. Each day of the calendar offers up an intention for you to anchor into, to give you some guidance.

You can choose to use these daily intentions to be the focus of your movement and your journaling or other practices for the day. Or you can choose your own each day. I have also created a blank calendar for you to write your own or you can use your journal.

An intention is a core desired feeling or focus for the day.

If you choose to follow the daily intentions I suggest you write your focus down in the morning and take some time to reflect or journal about what this intention brings up for you.



 4 Activation Playlists

Pick your mood. You will get the private links to these in the first email I send to you. 


Move into your practice with slowness and surrender to what is dancing through you. Take time to enter into stillness and gentle touch as a way of nurturing yourself. Created for moments of reflection and nourishment.


Calling in your priestess powers and right to take up space in this world. A playlist to shake up your energy and activate your shine. A playful mix of grooves to boost self-adoration.


Claim your power, move with strength, release tension and express your right to stand up and speak up for what you want and need.


Feel into your sensuality and desires. Move that booty and rock your hips to activate pleasure and divine ecstatic release.

You will receive the private links to these in an email when you grab your 30-day activation guide on deannelove.com/activation



What if you gifted yourself with the ultimate revival for your body and your soul? A daily expression of self-care and healing.

The #sacredsmoothiedance was born out of a desire to connect with a daily devotional movement practice that is:

authentic + intuitive + minimalist + healing

4 things make this extra magic

** movement (daily 1 minute dance)

dance * hoop * walk * wobble * sway * twirl * twerk

** nourishment

smoothie * water * fruit * vegetable * love * laughter * touch

** breath

the life force of all healing

**  intention

a daily focus to anchor into

Mantra: 1 minute can make a huge shift

Included in your 30 day activation guide:

  • downloadable guide
  • 4 playlists to keep you grooving
  • 30-day activation calendar (printable)
  • daily intentions
  • smoothie recipes
  • journal prompts

To join me go to deannelove.com/activation you will find your free guide there, you can download it immediately and get started.



There are going to be days when you feel unstoppable and days when you feel defeated. Moments when you feel so free and expansive and moments when you can’t find the strength to stand.

You are loved and supported through all of those times.
You are strong, radiant and always growing.

When life feels heavy you have full permission to feel and to know that you can reach for a higher vibration (in time)
When life feels light you know you have the space to celebrate and share.

When in doubt, always and forever, come back to the space of gratitude for this LIFE that we have been gifted.

And never forget that you are a miracle in motion.

Again, you can find your 30 day activation guide at deannelove.com/activation

I am so excited to dance with you, to move through feelings and life with you. If you choose to have a powerful impact on your life and radiate that out into this life then it would be an honour to do this together.



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