How to create anything you want with ease

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This episode is BIG so I highly recommend listening to it by clicking the play button above and kicking back for the next 25 mins.

You deserve it.

This week I spontaneously booked a flight to India. I leave in two weeks. Why? Because adventure, because ritual, because staying open and being brave, because trust a lot of it despite it wobbling several times, because living from my heart. None of those answers make a lot of sense do they? Not to the conditioned mind. But I asked myself what I really want to align with, the beauty and wonder of the world or the shackles and “shoulds” of playing small. I think you can guess which one feels so incredibly expansive, if not a little scary and which one feels like being strangled.

Another spontaneous decision; this will be the last Sunday Session of the year.

I want you to know that I have outrageous levels of gratitude for you. Thank you for listening, for sharing the episodes that helped you, for leaving reviews, comments and questions and especially to all of you who take the time out of your divine life to reach out to me, send me a message and let me know that you are on the journey with me. These Sunday Sessions are for you. And they will be back, so fresh and so clean in 2019.

If you missed an episode go back and give any of them a listen anytime. You already do so much for me but there is one little thing I ask of you before I dive into this week’s super exciting topic. It would bring me so much joy to stay connected. For years and years I would sit down and write a weekly love letter to the Hooplovers community. I would share tips, thoughts and the ups and downs of hoop life or whatever was going on that week. That weekly love letter started with just a few hundred amazing humans that I would write to when I was still living in Tokyo and had grown to over 20 000 hoopers all over the planet. I want to write to you too. Connection is everything, we are human it is a basic desire, a need. So let’s be penpals. Let’s stay in touch, I will share my adventures with you via email while I am away and you can reply if you feel called. On the front of or on this podcast page it says Get notified when the next session goes live and then Keep me in the loop. If it feels right, let’s do it!


In 2006 an Australian author came out with a book and movie called The Secret, it was a big deal in Australia and many other parts of the world, it attracted curiosity, criticism and a cult following. In the original version, Esther Hicks also known as Abraham Hicks spoke about a concept called the Law of Attraction. Esther said very dramatically, if I remember correctly, that our purpose here on Earth is to decide what we want and once we decide what we want we focus intently on it and that is the process of creation, and we are the one and only true creators of our own life.

No stranger to new age spirituality and metaphysics I was instantly intrigued. For years I had followed the teachings of Louise Hay, used her mirror work and affirmations with great success to stay focussed on deliberate thinking, feeling and action. Powerful practices that had an incredibly balancing effect on me where other therapies failed. I still chant Louise Hay affirmations, in fact I sang my mantra today while on the beach when I was feeling a little overwhelmed by my future, the affirmations anchor me in the now.

Side story: when I was in my early 20s my best friend and I decided to run away to paradise, we quit our jobs I put my studies on hold for a semester and we packed a bag, with a few hundred dollars between us we jumped on a bus to Airlie Beach a coastal town filled with backpackers, the gateway to the Whitsunday Islands and great barrier reef. I had been there on holidays as a child and vowed I would live there someday. We landed jobs on Hamilton Island as room attendants. One day as I was cleaning one of the beautiful hotel rooms I noticed Louise Hay books on the bedside table and written affirmations all over the mirror, I daydreamed about what the woman staying int he room was like, she was probably sipping mocktails by the pool, lazing under a big sun hat with fabulous earrings and a rainbow mu mu, I never did bump into her but how fabulous that I still think about her and her dedication to self-healing and spiritual practice. Inspiration is all around us.


Anyway back to Abraham. Esther Hicks shares the teachings of Abraham, I believe on the website it says that Esther interprets Abraham and Abraham is a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension. In my understanding of it, Esther a kind and wise woman taps into the wisdom of creative source. Whether this fits with your beliefs or not there is no denying that what is shared by Esther is positive, powerful and focussed on supporting our natural birthright of well being and ease in this life. And I am totally into that!

I was instantly hooked and bought all of their books and DVDs, one of the stand-out books was Ask and It is Given, I read this in about 2006 not long before a hoop randomly rolled into my life and changed everything and I give a whopping 50% credit to the teaching of Abraham and the Law of Attraction for flipping my life upside down, gifting me with hooping and a life of freedom. The other 50% credit must go to massive action taking. Those forces combined, Law of Attraction and Massive Action equal, in my mind, absolutely-anything-you-desire. When I look back, I don’t think the hoop rolling in was an accident, I think it was a magical manifestation from my deliberate shift in thoughts, feelings and action, I was calling out for a life of freedom and creativity. I got what I asked for plus more.

The foundation of Abrahams teachings is that life is freedom; the purpose of life is joy; the result of life is growth. Fancy that. Also my life philosophy. After so many years I can’t remember if I have always just felt that way or if I totally soaked it up from them. Either way freedom, joy and growth are a terrific trio.

So let’s talk about getting what you want in this life, living with ease and creating effortlessly. That last one, creating effortlessly, has become the source of all wonder in my life and here is how it works. These four practices and I call them practices because they require action and intention, have consistently helped me to manifest epicness and brought a sense of ease and flow into my life. When I drift from these practices I notice a downward spiral in my natural wellbeing and the opportunities and abundance that show up in my life, when I amp them up life is nothing short of a joyous wonder and ecstatic happenings abound. Yes to that!

“What you think about activates a vibration in you” Abraham

Go ahead try it. Think of the most delicious experience you have ever had in your life, stay centered in that

Setting the Tone

This first element I call setting the tone or setting the vibe and what we must remember is that we are in continuous creation of quote-unquote our tone. It is kind of like the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. The way I speak or feel about money when I am paying my bills, checking my bank account or buying things is setting the tone for how money shows up in my life and how I feel about it. If my tone says “I never have enough, there is no flow, everything is too expensive, I am worried it will run out” whether that is true or not that is the tone I am setting for all of the money in my life. Instead, it serves me to pay bills with absolute ease, to be in awe of how affordable the things that I need are and to know that money comes from so many sources and it is consistent. A turning point for my personal tone with money came about when I had an epiphany that for so many years I had stressed about money, told myself I wasn’t good with money and yet I had always had enough to get by, it showed up when I needed it and I made adjustments to make things work, the part of the equation that was no longer needed was the worry and stress so what if I deliberately took those elements out and focussed on the tone that I always had more than enough, it would always come from somewhere and I could always trust it would be there. And so it was.

Another example of tone setting is how I speak to the people I know and love. If I speak to Masa or my Mum or close friends with a tone of agitation instead of understanding, struggle instead of ease then I am setting the tone for how I want to show up and also how I want others to show up in communication and relationship. That is not to say that I have to squash my truth or not speak authentically but it is more about recognising that I have full freedom to deliberately choose every word and action. When I set the tone of clarity, positivity and love through my speech I am also asking to be met with that tone by others.

Align Yourself with Who You Truly Are

This is a huge one. Knowing the self. Yes, selfishness in it’s most beautiful form.

Before embracing the law of attraction combined with massive action I had a wobbly relationship with who I truly was and how I wanted to show up. Now I should make it super clear that this part of living with freedom and joy is an ongoing journey, it is not like we get it right once and then forget about our relationship to self, just like any relationship it takes presence and playtime.

Here is a real-life example of aligning with truth and who I really wanted to be. When I first started hooping I was a primary school teacher, I was feeling stuck and trapped and not living the life I truly desired. I was not aligned with my truth and the creativity I naturally craved. I could have stayed in the frustration and held back with self-doubt and worry but I took deliberate and positive action. It wasn’t the actions that made sense, it wasn’t that actions that were expected, it was the action that aligned me with who I truly was. I quit my job in the middle of the year, I flew to California to Hoop Camp and I started telling everyone I was a hoop teacher and jumped into the process of starting hoop classes immediately in Tokyo, I took actions that would open me up to the opportunities of the life that I desired and I softened my resistance to stepping fully into that new life. Deliberate and massive action. With ease. I could have focussed on how difficult it was all going to be and all of the reasons why it wouldn’t work but instead, I aligned my thoughts, words and actions with who I truly wanted to be and very quickly with flow and ease it was who I actually was. I grew rapidly into my new self. I stopped saying things like “I would like to be a hoop teacher or I wish I was a performer” and I said yes to it all.

Staying Focused on Your Vision

This is done using my favorite past time. Daydreaming. Also known as Creative visualization. I am not going to go into the much details about this practice but I highly recommend a book written by Shakti Gawain in 1978 but still as powerful as ever called Creative Visualisation. A must for your library, I have it on Audible on my phone so I can tune in as a reminder as I need, I read or listen to it once or twice a year.

I want to share some stories from my experience that show the manifestations of creative visualisation. These all have to do with space. No not outta space, the spaces I have magically manifested to house my dreams and make shit happen. Studios, clubs, warehouses that have become somehow miraculously available at the right time because I visioned them into being. Sounds kooky I know but hear me out, got some cool stories for you that will encourage you to practice staying focused on your vision.

A year before I started teaching hoop classes in Tokyo, before I even knew hooping was a thing, I went to an incredible event at a dream venue in Tokyo. Creatives, artists, installations. A local Yoga school that I was attending did an incredible candlelit Ashtanga inspired performance and I was in awe, in fact I was so overcome by the brilliance of it all that I felt really faint and had to go outside for some air, in that moment it all felt quite surreal because I have a pretty strong constitution and I am not the kind of person to feel sick or faint in moments like that but looking back at that exact moment I was actually going weak at the knees with a premonition of things to come. I had a vision of myself being an artist, a performer, a creative leader but I had absolutely no idea how that would ever come about because I was a teacher in an international school and not living a life of creativity. I kept the vision strong, I held the fancy space in my mind, I held a vision of me connecting and collaborating with the artists, I navigated struggles around “not knowing how” and just stayed focused on creating the life I desired. Fast forward to a little over a year later in an act of true miracle Masa randomly became friends with one of the organisers of the incredible space that I had seen the performance in, not only did they offer their space to me to do classes but it was at an incredibly low price, unheard of in a city where space is scarce, rental prices are high. I taught my first hoop classes in this incredible space in one of Tokyo’s most creative and fabulous suburbs, I also went on to perform at this venue for several incredible events and I have the law of attraction and massive miraculous action to thank for it. Ask and it is given. Oh and yes p.s you can’t get what you don’t ask for.

I have so many more incredible space stories. Want to hear more? Yes!

I started a weekly hoop jam in the center of Tokyo, I would show up with my hoops and a speaker every week in Yoyogi park, one of the largest and most busy parks in the city. Some of the most incredible memories and friends were made at those jams but I always dreamed of a cool space like a club that we could hoop in, a space with projections, lights, sound system. In a city like Tokyo, finding a club space that would allow us to hoop and hang out at an affordable price seemed impossible but I kept the vision alive. One night we went to an incredible space, the birthplace of Pecha Kucha  an event space called Super Deluxe. I was instantly in love and had the same feelings come over me as I did when I encountered the space I spoke about in my previous story. Fast forward not too long and thanks to Masa (again…hmmm maybe it helps to have a MAsa in your life to bring about magical connections) who happened to build a friendship with the event organisers and also went to school with one of the guys who ran the space, in no time we were hosting Hoop Lounge a monthly free gathering of sights, sounds and hoops. Wait for it…we were gifted the space for free in return for bringing community to eat, drink and enjoy the space. I am going to chalk this miracle up to staying focused on the vision and taking massive action.

When I moved to Australia I was back at ground zero, I visioned a thriving hoop community, teaching nightly classes and workshops but I had no space to hold this vision and didn’t know where to begin. Randomly a friend invited me to train at the space where she had a little studio, from the outside it was a graffiti covered, oversized warehouse. I remember my friend dropping me off out the front and questioning whether it was safe to go in. As I walked up the stairs and entered the main open area of the warehouse, an opening we would go on to call the Great Space, I was overcome with YES. The vision was locked in and I stayed true to in. In the not too distant future, I would go on the teach nightly sold-out classes in this space, host international hoop workshops, become caretakers of the warehouse, start our weekly YouTube tutorials in one of the studios and forge some of the most beautiful and creative relationships in this space. In the beginning, I had no idea how to make all of this happen I just knew it was already a part of my future and I stayed true to that emotional guidance system.

One more. We are now on the Gold Coast and run 11 Past 11 Studios. With ease. The dominant energy around this process is ease. When we first moved to the Gold Coast we were wondering what kind of life we wanted to create. We knew we wanted community, creativity and space to be a part of it. With no rental history (because we had been living in a warehouse for so long) we worried about securing a lease on a large commercial property but we decided to take massive action because the vision to have a creative studio on the Gold Coast was strong. We contacted some real estate agents and viewed many properties, they all seemed too expensive, needed work or not quite right. I should also mention at this stage we didn’t even have a house to live in, we just knew we needed a space to create. Driving along one day Masa was looking at and read the description of a warehouse in a great location, I immediately pulled over to the side of the road and called the real estate agent, he said he could show us the property within the hour. As soon as we stepped in the front door it was an absolute yes. We signed the lease without any problems, have easily afforded the rent monthly for almost 3 years now and have built our creativity and lives around this magical space that has hosted not only our own projects but the visions and creativity of hundreds of locals and interstate creatives.

I share all of these stories not to boast about all of my space fortune but to inspire you to hold you visions strongly, dance with the laws of attraction and take massive action.

When I say Massive Action I am not speaking of hard, tiring, overwhelming tasks, I mean creative, exciting, courageous acts. Just to clear that up. We create with ease that which we desire.

Recognizing Your Source of Wellbeing

Life is meant to be joyous freedom, it is meant to be an allowing of wonder, a soft yet excited expectation of good things coming to you, not crowded by angst or worry. But how? Deliberate and massive action. When I sit on the couch or lay in my bed without having dropped into rituals of wellbeing and by that I mean hooping, dance, fulfilling conversation, moving meditations, personal growth, cleansing self-care, heightened vibrational practices and for you they might be different rituals, I can very, very easily be overcome by worry, stress, anxiety. It is easy for me to let those low vibrations infiltrate my being and I can wallow in them, I know this contrast so powerfully. The rituals of wellbeing soften my resistance, they don’t erase my past, they don’t solve my future, they bring me firmly into right now, right here and now and that is all we truly have, without these rituals the stress, the worry, the anxiety comes back to visit. Deliberate and massive action, not just thinking I should do it and then feeling guilty when I don’t, but raw and honest action is what brings me face to face with recognizing my true source of wellbeing and how it is always available to me.

Ok so how do these four practices help me to manifest anything in my life? When I set the tone for one thing, I set the tone for everything. When I create the vibe that I expect miracles to happen, good things to come my way and opportunities to be endless I am creating this in all areas of my life. When I playfully and creatively align myself with who I truly am I know what I want, how to take the actions to get it and how to show up and serve as an inspiration that attracts abundance. When I hold my visions lovingly and with trust I can continue on the path towards them with ease. And when I recognize that my source of wellbeing is always available to me and it is about deliberately aligning to it, I leave myself open-hearted and ecstatically attracting all that I need.

In short. Set your vibe. Know yourself. Trust your vision. Align with your wellbeing. These four things will, in turn, reward you with the freedom, joy and growth that you deserve.

Here’s to creating your true greatness and remembering that it is all entirely unique to you and what you desire not the images on Insta or the expectations of your family, not what you have been told you should do or be but what you truly desire to align with. Life is freedom; the purpose of life is joy; the result of life is growth and you have the power to manifest that in any and all situations that you choose.


Let’s stay connected. Take good care of yourself and keep me posted on all of your life’s wonder. Thank you for always being here and for being part of my manifestations, I will say it again, you are a miracle in motion and I am so grateful you exist.


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