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Ohhh things got juicy in the (private) Global Hoop Love Coach group this week when I asked HLCs to finish this sentence.

I hate marketing because…

Ouch. Such great answers. Such truth. Loved reading them.

What is the first thing that comes to mind for you?

Maybe you don’t actually hate it…perhaps you love it like I do..maybe we perceive “marketing” in different ways. Maybe you don’t think you need it, maybe you leave that stuff up to someone else to do for you.

Here’s my brutally honest two cents on the topic. Marketing is not a dirty word, if you’re using it to share good stuff in this world. We need you.

Wait! I got more than just 2 cents worth. Make a cup of tea and keep reading…

Here’s the thing, marketing can have such a bad reputation. A yucky one. And it holds so much weight for many. It means different things to different people. Can cause blocks & overwhelm just hearing it’s name. .

I get it.


If you love something you naturally talk about it.


If you like a new product, a new class, a new location, a new restaurant; what do you do?

You tell the people in your life that you think would also love it.

(unless you want to keep it a secret all to yourself so no one goes there…but that is a whole other subject…maybe you should be a secret agent)

So what if we wipe the slate clean and think about marketing as one thing.

The thing that it truly is, at it’s core.




When you tell others about something you love, there are 4 things you focus on (whether you know it or not)


1. PURPOSE (why) : you tell them for a reason, you want them to be happy, you want to be of service, you want to share, give, create, you want to increase your income, you want to be known for something, you want to be an expert in your industry, you want to be a good friend…

“OMGeeeee Betty you are going to love the new restaurant I just went to, it is totally your style and has yummy vegan tacos that are so fresh and good for you. Oh and the waiter was cute too. You simply have to try it”

Top notch marketing : She wants her friend to be happy, eat healthy and maybe find a cute boyfriend 😉


2. PRODUCT (what) : you tell them exactly what it is, where they can get it, how much it costs, how you got it, why it was so great, what it can do for them, what it did for you…

“Yes, I have been going to the coolest twerking class. It is on Tuesday nights at the Met Club and only cost $20. You should totally come with me. I will send you the link, And that’s where I got those rad booty shorts too”

Stellar marketer : All the details super clear. A link for more info. Some up sell on the side.


3. PEOPLE (who) : you tell the right people, the ones who want to hear it, the ones who need it the most, the ones who have a problem that you want to solve…

“Hey Grandpa, did you need a new Moon Cup? There’s a 50% off sale” Um, NO!

Marketing fail : Got to know your peeps. We don’t share everything with everyone. That would be a waste of time and energy…and sometimes just super weird!


4. PLATFORM (how & where) : you tell them in the right places, you call them or Facebook message them, you stop them in the street or post it on your Insta

“Are you on the Jetstar mailing list? They send Cheap Flights Friday newsletters every morning and that is when I buy my trips. It is the best”

Sweet marketing points: A clear channel of communication, sharing something that is useful on a platform that is commonly used by the right people.


Simple. Yes?!

Well, not always.

There is so much noise around marketing, so many distractions, so much blah blah about what works, and what doesn’t.

And there are so many more layers to “marketing”. It is not just “tell people and they will buy/come/respond”

It can make it feel like there is so much to deal with and think about.


No one wants to be “one of those people”. No one wants to be a sleazy marketer. No one wants to get turned down or rejected either.


I bet you would love to be of service. I bet you would love to be rewarded for it. I bet you would love to communicate your passions clearly. I bet you would love to be surrounded by community who gets you.


there are so many soulful ways to connect and communicate and share…without being sleazy, pushy or salesy.

Here’s a thing that I am seeing come up a lot in the HLC group.

Many Hoop Love Coaches have huge marketing blocks. Rightly so. It can be hectic. Exhausting. Confusing.


Many are so worried about the PLATFORMS, the how and the where, the strategies and marketing hype (distractions/blocks) and that is often overshadowing the other 3.

Let’s break it down. You know I love to break-it-down.

I want you to spend 5 minutes. Yes, just 5 quick minutes.

Let’s make it simple, grab hold of some clarity.


Leave me a comment below with the answers to these three questions.

1. Why do you do/create/share whatever it is with others?

2. What are you offering?

(if I called you right now or went to your website what could I buy from you, get from you, learn from you?)

3. Who did you create that for?

(very specifically who are the types of people that would love what you have to offer…they are out there)

Here’s my greatest tip for you…

If you do not have very solid answers to those 3 questions then you don’t even have to worry about whether you love or hate marketing because you are not ready to start selling to anyone.

If you don’t know your PURPOSE, you cannot clearly offer your PRODUCT (or service) and you do not know exactly who your PEOPLE are then let the weight be lifted off your shoulders…you are not ready to start tackling the platforms because you likely won’t know which ones to use that match your purpose, showcase your product and are the best hang out for your people.

BUT…here it is, the big take away from this email…if you get those 3 things in place then the PLATFORMS or strategies and how to use them will become far more easy to navigate, so much less stressful and dare it say it, clear and simple for you to master. At the very least you will know which ones to choose and stop spending some much stress and time thinking that you have to use them all.

Stress be gone!

Phew! Yeah. Sing hallelujah.

I am waiting for your comments with the answers to those 3 areas.

I should turn this into a blog (product), share with all interested hoop teachers (people), post it on Facebook and send it out to my mailing list (platform), because it will be useful to many hoop teachers struggling with marketing blocks and I like helping others (purpose)

See what I did there? *wink*

That was so much more than 2 cents. Did you make it to the end? You’re a legend!


Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash

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Fierce clarity.  Wild creativity.  Spirited courage.

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