Manifest: Become a magnet for your dreams

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We create with ease that which we desire.

Last night, Grace turned to me and asked, “what are your top 3 dreams” I had to think for a moment, I hesitated at first but soon fell into a ramble of fanciful sharing of what I know to be possible in this next chapter of life, but they are dreams that are out of reach enough that I am going to have to sprinkle ample manifestation magic into the mix to make them a reality.

Later on, I reflected on how I had once held very strong visions of my dreams, I had lists, reminders and a focus on them all. The most beautiful realization was that I have achieved them all, the greatest of dreams became a reality, and I am in a fresh phase of life ready to vision up new adventures to manifest. So I want to take you with me; well at least I want to share with you the steps to alchemizing a vision into reality.

I am crafting something deep and meaningful for you over on It is called Magnetic. And yes you truly are. If you go to you will find all of the details.

If you have not tuned in to my most popular episode on this podcast called ” How To Create Anything You Want With Ease” I highly recommend giving it a listen. I talk more deeply about the 4 zones for powerfully creating your life and getting what you desire. In Short. Set your vibe. Know yourself. Trust your vision. Align with your wellbeing. These four things will, in turn, reward you with the freedom, joy and growth that you deserve.

Life is freedom; the purpose of life is joy; the result of life is growth and you have the power to manifest that in any and all situations that you choose.

But in this podcast episode, the first of a series about manifesting anything you want, I will share with you the foundation to becoming a magnet for your dreams. Then over the next couple of weeks I will share all of the powerful tools that make thoughts become things.

Side note, I am flying to Tokyo in the morning, the birthplace of some of the grandest dreams I have ever visioned. I am beyond elated to be returning to a place I once called home and I am in awe of how life rolls out in all of it’s divinity, it is no surprise that I begin to share this series about manifestation as I head back to a part of the planet that fostered so much magic and deeply fertile manifestation periods.

One new years day in Tokyo I sat down in a cafe and wrote a list of very clear and specific dreams that I had, some of them were difficult to fathom at the time because I had just started hooping, was still in a career that I knew I wanted to change, and was wondering where I would get all of the abundance I needed to live out these dreams I was writing down on paper. I wrote 65 dreams, I let them flow out onto the page. One very specific and life-changing dream was “to have an internationally successful hooping business” Keep in mind that I had just started hooping and this was a very lofty goal. At that time it was a dream written on a piece of yellow paper torn from a note pad. It was my boldest and scariest vision on that list. But I am beyond stoked to say that because of the miraculous manifestation techniques that I want to share with you in this series that dream has become a reality in the most epic ways imaginable, a wildly successful hooping business recognised internationally, divinely creative and deliciously abundant. I got so much more than I could have ever dreamed of all those years ago. But the key is I dreamed it. So let’s look at that process.


“Having a dream, Deanne, is awesome.

Having a dream and showing up every day, even when nothing seems to be happening, is priceless.

But having a dream and showing up every day, while sauntering, winking, and hugging everyone, is when the floodgates begin to tremble.

The Universe”

Let’s get clear

Let’s begin with the exact same question Grace asked me. “what are you 3 biggest dreams” because the most important factor in achieving your dreams is knowing them.

Do you know them? Does something stand out for you when I ask this question or do you need some space and time to land on them? Stay with me, we are going deep, let’s uncover your dreams.

Also let’s get really grounded with what vocabulary you want to use in this process. I will be using the word desire in place of dream, you could use vision or goal.

What is it that you desire?

There is a very powerful and clear way to transform your desires into reality to become a magnet. The first and most important step is to plant the seeds, lay them out clearly in fertile land. Clarity. You cannot attract that which you do not declare, you cannot get what you do not ask for. So let’s clear up your visions and declare your desires.

By the end of this podcast it is my vision for you to have clarity and connection to your desires as the launching pad for the techniques we will work on over the next several weeks. Grab a pen, but if you can’t write them down in this moment, then let them swirl around in your body and mind for now and schedule in a date with yourself in the next day or two to write down, very clearly, your list of desires. This list is going to act as the request form, so be clear, be bold, be creative, be courageous, be authentic, be realistic but adventurous in your desire sprouting.

  1. Daydream it

Here are some questions to support your daydreaming and desire writing…

When you daydream of a positive shift in your life, what brings joy and excitement to your thoughts?

When you think of something that would bring value and abundance to your life what swirls through your mind?

When you consider your health, your relationships, your career, your abundance, your home, travel, spirituality or any part of life is there any freshness that you would like to call in? Not from a place of lack but I desire to cultivate abundance.

If you have time and space right now give yourself 5 – 15 minutes to write a stream of consciousness or a 5 – 10 minute daydream or meditation focussed on these three questions. Witness any time limitations or excuses float in and let them be snuggled by the beauty of your desires, loved and then cleared to leave. Let your desires flow out onto the page. Write or think about them in any way you feel, there is no right or wrong way to visualise.

2. Get real

Now let’s write the list. This may seem like a simple and straightforward step and that is becasue it is and it is a step that many peeps skip over becasue it is so simple yet it is the foundations for all magic to happen. Create a clear and readable list of your desire.

There are not limits to how many of your desires you write but here are 3 power points to include.

A date in the future.
Written in present tense.

For example,
It is January 20, 2021 I have traveled to Africa 4 times and built the school with a library for children int he area.

It is February 2020, I love the van I bought and have driven to Uluru and Western Australia on epic, life-changing adventures.

It is August 2020, I have just completed a successful, safe and wildly abundant road trip across the USA

It is July 2012, I have successfully reversed the health issues I was facing with a plant based lifestyle and weekly juicing.

It is June 2020, I have just moved into my two-bed room apartment in New York.

It is January 2020, I have made 20 hula hoops and gifted them to the children at the local school.

I recommend writing some desires that are just out of reach for you, some that are an exciting stretch and some that will require a big shift and activation.

3. Feel it

This is my fav part. Get excited about your desires, get ecstatic about seeing yourself having accomplished them and feel the gratitude for what you have received. For this part of embracing clarity around your desires you are going to activate those daydreaming skills again and imagine yourself having achieved your desires, getting what you want, imagine the feeling it brings, imagine the feelings in your body, close your eyes and imagine your life having changed in powerful and positive ways because of manifesting your desires. Believe it. Do this often. More often than you normally would.

4.  Share it

Lady Gaga once said “I’m telling you a lie in a vicious effort that you will repeat my lie over and over until it becomes true” It worked. She kept showing up and telling anyone who would listen that she was worthy of fame and her talents were going to make waves in the pop industry and beyond.

Some of your desires might seem way out of reach and when you write them in the present tense they may even seem like lies.

When I knew I truly wanted to shift my life and begin a new career, in a very small industry, but not only that I desired to become one of the most well-known teachers on the planet I started telling lies. I believed them. And I told them to everyone I met. Instead of saying I was a primary school teacher I started telling everyone I was a hoop teacher, or a dancer, or a performer. The magic of that was that it sparked conversations and questions about it all and most importantly it continuously nudged me to live up to and become what I was desiring.

Tell your friends, share your desires, post them, speak them, leave them in the comments below this episode on

But the most important person you need to share your desires with is yourself. Every day, several times a day, stay connected to them.

Write a list and leave it in as many places as you can around your home and car, create reminders or alarms on your phone and change the words to present tense declaration of your desires already being achieved, leave yourself notes, create an online document with all of your desires clearly written as if they have already manifested and open it up and read your list as often as you can, instead of spending time scrolling on Social Media read your list. Find creative ways to keep your desires fresh in your thoughts.

Ok let’s do a recap of how to lay down the foundation for transforming your desires into reality. Making shit happen. Daydream it, conscious stream it. Let yourself swim in the wonder of what you desire. Next, get very specific and write a list of your desires as if they are already done. Next, use powerful and magnetic visualization to bring the feelings of realising your desires into your mind and body. Feel what it is like to already be achieving your desires. And lastly, share your desires with others, focus on them, read them to yourself daily.

Step 1. Don’t skip it. It is the most potent launching pad for your rockets of desire. Map them out, lay them down, take yourself on a date with your desires and get wildly clear so that we can move forward with the creativity.

I will be back next week with the next step of the process and don’t forget to dive into the goodness on

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