Manifest: Morning Magnets A ritual of attraction

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When I was a primary school teacher my desk drawer was always filled with a bunch of tantalizing stationary, stickers and probably a number of empty chocolate wrappers. For many years at the same school, I had a metal desk drawer and in the right-hand corner, a round magnet clung to the smooth dark grey surface. Every time I would drop a paper clip or push pin into my draw the magnet would use its superpowers to draw the pieces to it, over time collecting a multifaceted pile. It looked like a miniature art sculpture. It sat there as a reminder of a powerful force, the ability to be magnetic and to attract.

In this episode, I want to share with you a life-changing ritual I call morning magnets. This is part of a series on this podcast about manifesting your dreams, alchemizing your vision into reality. Last week we cleared the way to declare our dreams to plant the seeds in fertile land. Head to to tune into Manifest: Become A Magnet For Your Dreams (the first episode of this series) Over the next few weeks I will be sharing powerful tools with you and if you want to join me for the in depth Magnetic program then head to

Why the morning?

What is the first thing you do each morning? You think. Whether you think about needing to pee, how your body feels, a stress you might have or something you are grateful for the reality is that the first thing you do is THINK. Recoginising that you are the creator of that very first thought or first couple of thoughts is one of the most powerful ways to become like that magnet in my desk draw, attracting all the things you want. It is the most magical time of the day in terms of harnessing the power of starting fresh, creating a vision and setting up how you desire to feel for the rest of the day.

Your energy is defined by how you think and feel each morning. Your first few thoughts are your choice and the decision you make in those first few moments is going to be steering your destiny.

The actions you take next are powerful and will set you up for your entire day. I call them your morning magnets. Imagine yourself as the magnet in my desk drawer, life as the drawer, the drawer must open for things to be put into it and allow the magnet to attract them. These morning magnets will allow you to open your life and activate your natural superpowers to draw life’s opportunities and adventures to you.

The beautiful part about all this is that your natural state is one of well being and wonder you have access to magnetic techniques at all times but you have to switch them on, you have to make that choice. And it can be simple, so here are 3 things that will turn you into a magnet throughout the day. Activating these three morning actions for 30 days will undoubtedly change your life. It has changed mine and anytime I slip into phases of disconnection and discomfort I come back to these 3 morning magnets. But don’t let the commitment of 30 days put you off, just start with today or tomorrow and then take it one day at a time. Every morning is an opportunity to start fresh and become magnetic.

If you want to go deeper with me on this and truly harness your incredible power to attract unlimited freedom, love, confidence and abundance then join me for Magnetic Go to

Morning Magnet no. 1

First thoughts. These are the most powerful thoughts of you day because they set the tone, it is like these first thoughts tune you into what channel you are going to be veiwing life through for the day and what you are opening up to.

Over the next couple of days, start by recognising what you first thoughts are. No need to judge them, just watch them for a few days. What are your first thoughts saying about your current mindset and what might they be setting you up for? Like attracts like so what are your first thoughts attracting?

Let’s magnetise them. What is it that you desire to attract during your day? One of the most powerful ways to use your first thoughts to align you with what you are wanting to attract is to be grateful for that which you already have and that which you desire.

If it helps you to write down some powerful thoughts of gratitude before you go to bed at night so you can reach for them as soon as you wake up then keep a journal beside your bed.

Allow yourself to answer this question each morning: I am supremely grateful to be alive, what else am I grateful for? Allow the answers to be your first thoughts.

Morning magnet no. 2

This part is going to take you 1 minute, but if it flows in to more minutes because you simply cannot stop then be grateful for this gift. Movement. The body and the mind are not separate and when they align in harmony magic happens. Allow the second thing you do, after your first thoughts, to be dancing your feelings. If the word “dancing” puts you off then replace it with “stretching” “moving” “grooving” “activating” “pleasuring” your body. For 1 minute allow the feelings and sensations of your first thoughts to move through your body, with or without music, to activate the magnetism throughout your whole system.

Morning magnet no. 3

Voice your visions and gratitude. Call in what you desire to attract throughout the day by speaking your visions to a friend, into your phone, out loud in the mirror, to your partner. Articulate what you desire to attract, what you are dreaming of, how you would like your day to unfold, how you vision your dreams to be unravelling. Openly use you voice in some way to declare your desires and affirm that you are not only worthy of attracting them but how grateful you are for all you have already received.

Your 3 morning magnets. Think. Move. Voice. They are three things that we activate naturally each morning yet we often underestimate how powerful they can be when switched on consciously. Putting them on autopilot to do there own thing is a dangerous way of neglecting dreams and letting the negative monkey mind take over. We have the power to create so much more and connect on a much deeper level to the beauty of this life.

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I made a commitment over a decade ago to awaken my deepest intelligence through creative movement and activated voice. Let’s dance. Let’s take up space together.

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Manifest: Morning Magnets A ritual of attraction

When I was a primary school teacher my desk drawer was always filled with a bunch of tantalizing stationary, stickers and probably a number of empty chocolate wrappers. For many years at the same school, I had a metal desk drawer and in the right-hand corner, a round magnet clung to the smooth dark grey

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