Moon Cycles: Not Just a Phase I’m Going Through

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Unless you are driving right now I want you to take your right palm, the Sun, the masculine and rub it against your left palm, the Moon, the feminine. Spend a moment intertwining these energies, create friction or sensual caress, cultivate heat or vibration. What do you feel? What can you feel?

Two wise, strong hands in synchronicity? With eyes closed can you feel a stimulation of energy, a power source running through you? Maybe you linger on the nourishing touch of your smooth skin or perhaps give presence to your masculine qualities mingling harmoniously with your feminine. Maybe you have images of the sun for growth and the moon for healing.

Is it possible that we are made of stardust, sunshine and moon magic? Or is that just some fanciful imagery that we humans surround ourselves in for wonderment?

As a child, I was told that there was a man in the moon. I still feel slightly disgruntled that that was the story presented to me. I never saw him anyway. I think I saw on a Tom & Jerry cartoon once that showed Her made of Swiss cheese. When I moved to Japan I was met with a country very connected to the moon through story and imagery. The Japanese do not see a man, they see an Usagi, a jumping rabbit, the Moon Rabbit. Take a look next time she is fully illuminated. What do you see?

Howling dogs. Werewolves. Waves. Earthquakes. Lunatics. Moon Goddesses. Charging your crystals. Your own moon cycles. Tides. Harvest. There is no denying the connection we have with this almighty beauty in the night sky.

Do you know what phase she is in right now? Have you looked up lately? Perhaps you connect with her night and day when you seek guidance. Perhaps you just take for granted that she will be there night after night.

Whatever your thread to La Luna can we all agree that She is there every night yet she is different? Can we agree that she has the power to create fertile land on the earth and in your body? She has power over the tides on our planet and as we are made up of 70% water also has power over our internal ocean? She is our closest celestial sister so can we agree that she is a force of nature, ever-changing yet eternal, mysteriously bringing life, shining brightly yet so soft. In a constant state of flow…just like us, ever changing. She dances around the Mother. Our mother. Earth.

New Moon

When She is new we cannot see her and the night sky suddenly appears darker. During the New Moon phase, plant your dream seeds. If there is ever a time for you to focus wholly on what you desire to manifest it is during the New Moon phase. I like to visualize a dream catcher or mandala web floating above me or hovering over me calling in and catching my most vivid and heartfelt desires and ideas. Once they are captured I can draw them down as seeds and plant them on the new moon. A great way to plant them is to write them down and bury them or burn them and blow the ashes out to sea or into your garden. The new moon phase is a very Yin time, take moments to gather your energy, plant your wisdom and channel emotions through your body with softness and sensuality. Just like we would tend to lush, fertile land in the hopes that the seeds will bloom and blossom, we need to do this for our bodies, homes, relationships and dreams during the New Moon. Oh so yummy, so much potential. Like brewing the most divine cup of cacao you have ever tasted. Make time for yourself while She is at her darkest. Truly feel through visualization and movement what it will be like to have your dreams come true. I highly recommend some juicy dancing, soft and slow in the candlelight allowing yourself to soulfully feel into all of the senses that your dreams stimulate.

I made you a Dark Moon Playlist >> click here to tune in

Waxing Cresent Moon

Time to start blooming, moving forward with courage and commitment. Like a lotus immerging from the mud, searching for the light, ready to show off your exquisite petals to the sun and be bathed in the water, you are hungry for your dreams and desires.

You might not have been able to see your dreams in a clear way during the new moon so now is a great time to revisit them, journal about them before you go to sleep and let them wash through in your sleeping dreams. Even if you can’t see them clearly, stay connected with your desires and tune into the sensations of having them fulfilled. And so it is done.


First Quarter Moon

This is when She appears to be half illuminated and half in darkness. In Japanese, this phase is called Hangetsu which means Half Moon.

Now is your time to commit. It is your time to overcome challenges with confidence. It can help at this time to move through life from your center of power, your solar plexus, using affirmations like I trust that I have the courage to stay in my truth and stand in my power. I allow life energy to flow through me and animate my life with confidence. I let my life flow and trust it’s unfolding.

Unleash your worker archetype, surrender to deep work and get the job done. Revise, recall and recount your dreams. It can also help to draw them, post them up on your fridge for focus or have them as alarms on your phone. This is the phase to take action. Less daydreaming, more doing.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

Swelling, bulging, flooding with fresh juice. The energy is rising, the light is coming back in and this may be a time of adjustment for you. The waxing gibbous can act as a symbol to make changes to things that are not working. A time to take stock. Look back over your wishes, dreams and goals from the new moon and give yourself a little reflection session. What is flowing forward and what is stuck? Where do changes need to be made? Is there something new that needs to be allowed? What limitations are presenting themselves and how are you going to show up to them?


Full Moon Phase

Ever felt restless, chaotic, ecstatically orgasmic for no reason and wondered what was up, then looked out the window to see Her in full bloom. Oh. Makes sense now. She is in full power. And so are you. Can you feel it?

This is a time when everything is heightened. You may even feel anxiety or sleeplessness during this time of climax. It can be a particularly hectic time if your wishes and dreams are not coming to fruition and you are allowing yourself to fall into old thought patterns like “I never get what I want” “I am not enough” or other scarcity thinking. This is a divine time to take in the full power of your brilliance and synchronize it with the Moon. A spot of moon bathing perhaps.

It is a time to release, to forgive and to fully embrace the superpowers of full body gratitude for what is and the wisdom to let go of what no longer serves. If there are things that are lingering at this time it is vital to go into ritual to let go of them. Find a ceremony that resonates with you. I often journal my blocks and fears and then burn them in a small bowl while I am sitting under Her, it is supremely cleansing. There are often tears of release. I then put a large chunk of rose quartz on top of the ashes to symbolize my love for my shadows but my willingness to release. Sometimes I leave the ashes out for the next rain to wash away or if they are particularly heavy I take them to the ocean to wash away.

This powerful time really is all about embracing the wonder of our dreams coming true, abundance, receiving rewards and detoxifying any lingering heaviness in preparation for Her to start waning back to new. The full moon is a sign for you to empty your cup of any unresolved feelings and patterns, she will shine a light on them for you so that you can get to the work of filling up your cup with creativity and wonder.


Waning Gibbous

You would be forgiven for feeling like you have a Full Moon hangover during this time. The slump after the whirlwind energy. It is time to regroup, breathe, collect yourself. Don’t be fooled just because the illumination is starting to fade that doesn’t mean all hope is lost but it is a beautiful time for reflection, sliding back into your meditation practice or finding yourself a beautiful Yin Yoga class online or at your local studio. And you totally deserve a massage after all the manifestation powers you have been bursting with, grab yourself a nourishing organic oil and gift yourself with a luxurious self-massage or invite a friend over. A time for contemplation and conversation.

Last Quarter Moon

She has moved another quarter of the way around MotherEarth. The sun’s light is now shining on the other half of Her visible face.

We are making our way back to another new moon. The portal to attract new energy is wide open now. In preparation, it is time to shift any grudges, anger, brokenness. Where is there clutter in your life? Emotional? Physical? The last quarter calls us to cleanse the heaviness. Feel into what this means for you. A wild night of ecstatic dance to clear away residue. A hot and sweating session of love. Making space in your house, your heart, your body for new seeds to be planted.

Waning Cresent Moon

Time to surrender. We have almost come full cycle, rest into what has been elevated and shifted this round. Some cycles can feel more liberating than others. Soften, succumb but do not abandon. Give thanks for what has come to pass this cycle, drift back over your dreams and wishes and take note of what has lingered and what has left. Gather yourself and your tools for the New Moon about to grace us with her presence again.

So how do you know what phase we are in right now? Well you could look up into the night sky, you could feel it in your body or because it is 2018 you could get an app. Yes, that’s right. The Moon App is my fav. Here > Go check it out. And then connect. Not to your screen. Not to distractions but to her, to yourself, to the shifting of tides inside and out. For a full cycle, or two, or forever.

Oh next week we must explore YOUR moon cycle. That is where the real magic will kick in. Yes!

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