Morning Ritual: 5 Minute Mindset Shift

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On Friday night I was dancing with a friend under the stars, feet on the Earth and beats shaking our hips. I turned to her and said, “do you REALLY think our thoughts create our reality?”

She looked at me as if I had lost my mind and simply said “YEAH”

I danced on for a moment and came back to her with something that has been plaguing me forever “But I think heaps of bad shit and that doesn’t happen”

She just shrugged at me, as she often does as if to say “that is some shit you are going to have to work out for yourself” And we went back to dancing.

These days it is Pinterest or Instagram flooded with quotes and messages when I worked in a New Age shop decades ago it was postcards and wall hangings.

Thoughts become things

If you see it in your mind you will hold it in your hand

What we dwell on is who we become

Change your focus change your mind

Regardless of whether you believe that your thoughts can manifest reality I think we can all agree that we want to reach for the highest feeling vibrations and thoughts in every situation AND that we, in fact, have the power and will to do that.

What if you had a morning ritual that brought you into that space of focussing on all that you desire and want to feel, a way of consciously bringing empowering thought patterns to your mornings as a kickstart for your mindset of the day.

Take a moment now to think about your first action each morning. The most common one. The one that kick starts your day. Do you roll over and immediately grab your phone? Do you turn to your partner and smile? Does your mind connect instantly to your body, particularly your bladder, and you run for the toilet? Do you sensually connect with yourself or a partner in a delicious divine union? Do you listen for your children’s chatter? Does your mind go to worry or to-do lists? Do you meditate? Workout? Stress out? Self-medicate? Dance? Smash your alarm clock? Or let your mind wander to the past or the future?

Next, hold a visualization of the perfect morning for you. If thoughts like “oh that would never happen my life is too hectic” or “I don’t have time for morning practices” pop into your visualization just let them go and shift back into daydreaming about your perfect morning, your ideal way to start each day. The actions you would take to cultivate the kind of sensations your desire in your body, the emotions you would like to run through your system, the clarity you would like to achieve. If it feels right for you then jot down any actions and thoughts that really stand out. Meditation. Sensuality. Breathwork. Juicing. Dream journaling. Notice any feelings of guilt that arise like “I always want to go for a run but I never do” replace that with “I love moving my beautiful body in the mornings, it makes me feel alive”

Continue to float through the visions, feelings, sensations of a magical morning for you.

Now tell me what thoughts you would like to have first thing in the morning? What thoughts would set you up for a day of brilliance, empowerment and grace? What mindset magic could you cultivate in your morning ritual time that would propel you forward with positivity and patience throughout the day,

For some contrast, here are some thoughts I used to unconsciously let roll through me when I used to get up and commute to work for many years
“Shit I’m going to be late, why am I never on time”
“Ugh I wish I had more time to myself”
“I don’t feel so great in my body, I should have woken up earlier to do yoga but I never do”
“I don’t know if I’m fully prepared for today, I’m feeling kind of numb”

Now let’s go back to cultivating the kind of thought patterns that would really skyrocket your energy and connection to self if they were a part of your morning mindset.

Let me help you by offering some focus points.

Can you think of a divine and delicious thought about your body? Either hold it in your mind or write it down.
“My body feels strong and fluid, I love the way my skin feels this morning”
“I am grateful for my health today, I breathe with ease and my shoulders feel relaxed”
“My eyes are clear and my heart feels light”
For bonus points look at yourself in the mirror while choosing and saying these empowering thoughts.

Now think of some divine and delicious thoughts about the expectation of your day.
Start with the word “today” and project vibrancy into what you hope for the day
“Today is my day, I am looking forward to moving with ease”
“Today is fresh and new, opportunities are coming for me”
“Today is the day I say yes to myself”
“Today is all about clarity and focussing on moving through challenges with creativity”

Now think of three things you would like to manifest during the day/week/year and speak it as if it has already happened.
For example
“I am so grateful that I received an email about that new project I’m working on”
“I am so grateful that my boss said yes to my promotion”
“I am so grateful I will be traveling to India in the summer”
“I am so grateful that I have attracted a conscious and loving partner”

And the last part of your magical morning ritual is to shake up your body in a way that feels right for you. Dancing, hooping or yoga to dynamic meditation, a run, swim or self-massage. A cold shower, a hot bath, breathing techniques, rebounding, bouncing, skipping

So let’s do a recap on your new magical morning ritual.

1. Body talk. Think, record a voice message or write down positive focus about your body or health each morning. This doesn’t have to take a long time but you have to promise you are not going to skip this chance to consciously connect with the wisdom of your miraculous body. You will be surprised at how quickly this kind of connection first thing in the morning sets you up for a day of feeling positivity and love for your body and health.

And if you are not seeing the importance of this connection then may I remind you that you are going to be hanging out in your body all day, and all night, you are not going anywhere so you might as well make it a sacred space with your thoughts.

2. Set up your day. Think, voice record or write down your empowering expectations for your day. Project life and energy into your day instead of dreading what is going to happen, expecting the worst or just feeling numb to it. I promise you will feel a shift and bring new emotions into your day. As you start to radiate these positive expectations don’t be surprised if you start to see some truly incredible changes happening around you.

3. Manifest. Think, voice record or write down 3 things you want to manifest and say it as if it has already happened because it is on it’s way.

4. Change your physiology. Shake up your body. Move. Stretch. Dance. For as long as you can. 1 minute to 1 hour. But never just do… nothing at all. It is scientifically proven that when we change our physiology, we change our emotions, change our lives. Our body and mind are not separate they are part of the same miraculous system.

What if all of this only took 5 minutes…maybe 10? 10 minutes a day to elevate the present, alter the course of the day and activate your focus to receiving more of what you need and desire. Are you in? I sure am. Let’s try it, together. 10 minutes a day to change our lives for the better. That’s what I call magic.

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