Naked Truth (Pt 3) Forgiveness, intimacy and things you might not know

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We are in week 3 of a series that I am calling the Naked Truth. I get naked, metaphorically. Stripe back the layers, no scripts, no rehearsals, no thinking about it until I see your questions that you have shared with me on Instagram @deannelovexo

This series got it’s name mid-process, like so many of my projects. It is like having the baby, getting to know him or her and THEN naming them. I like to do it that way.

If you missed the other two parts >> Part 1 and Part 2


@planetshelby What is the most important thing that has keep you going in life?

@nicolettestark90210 What moisturiser do you use?

@shivani28_ what are your other interests that you are curious and passionate about?

@jjstrange How do you believe in yourself? How do you forgive yourself? How do you accept yourself?

@kisstheearthwithyourfeet How do you cope with crazy emotions without a hoop? Especially during your moon cycle?

@jess_hooping How do you keep that marvelous shape? You always look so amazing and I feel kind of insecure because this last yeah I got some pounds.

@kham0da I have a hard time letting myself BE myself. I often clam up around other people and won’t look them in the eye. I know I can be an extrovert but I have too many worries about others seeing me smile and do things freely. Do you have any advice?

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Fierce clarity.  Wild creativity.  Spirited courage.

These three pursuits sometimes get me in trouble. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Are you with me? 

Let’s do the deep work together. Let’s find focus in a world of distractions. Let’s make change. Let’s connect to our inner wisdom.


You will mostly find me activating people to drop from their head, down into their body. That is where the real wisdom is. 

I made a commitment over a decade ago to awaken my deepest intelligence through creative movement and activated voice. Let’s dance. Let’s take up space together.

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We're in this together. Right?

It’s nice to know that we are connected. And super human. And will be dancing together very soon. In spirit or in sweatiness.

Sometimes a podcast, perhaps a love letter, maybe a meditation. I like to mix it up. Don’t you? 

Let’s keep things spicy.