Deanne Love Meditation New Moon

New Moon. New Me. A ritual for starting over.

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I am sitting here on a Friday night at 7pm, turning down potential fun times but feeling deliciously content to kick back and chat to you.

I have my feet up on the table, there are multiple empty chocolate wrappers beside me on the couch, a dirty plate from lunch and a half empty glass. The moon is at her darkest 0% percent absolute new moon, ready to start all over again. I am scanning my body and feeling 3 parts sleepy, 2 parts numb (a sensation I very rarely experience), 4 parts like I should really get up and pee but absolutely can’t be fucked. I own all parts of that, all parts of me.

We are not always sparkles and sunshine, anyone who tells you they are is a bloody liar. Lying to you and themselves. So I sit comfortably in my heaviness, in my recluse. Day 25 of my cycle, new moon darkness, sweet soul surrender to the bliss of absolutely nothing to prove to myself or anyone else.

Truth is, for all of the energy I radiate online and all of the loving connection I experience, there are equal parts introversion, quiet and darkness. I used to wish those parts of me away as if they were undesirable elements, and now I see them as gifts. Powerful parts of the whole.

Just like the moon, there can be no fullness without the darkness. There can be no brilliance without rest, there can be no shine without rejuvenation. And the cycles repeat. And so I kick back knowing that there is nothing that needs to happen at this moment.

One by one we stood in the center of the circle. We had been asked to claim our brilliance, our power, creativity, wonder in this world. When it came to my turn, with eyes closed, hands on my womb space, standing in the middle of a circle of powerful women I declared with heart filled clarity “I claim my powerful magnetism. I call in all of the magical opportunities that come forward because of it.” The music came on and I danced this into being, the fullness in my body giving way to the birth of something new, something fresh, with equal parts mystery and knowing. Excitement and wonder at what was to come.

Can you feel the power in the emptiness? The excitement of a new beginning? I sometimes feel rushed by the coming of a new moon, the completion of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. Wait, I am not ready yet. But the Moon she doesn’t care for ready, she doesn’t wait for wallowing, she cycles forward without distraction, waxing and waning in perfect timing. She always has much to teach us.

New Moon energy. A new beginning. What does this mean for you this month?

By the time you are listening to this She will be starting to bloom again but don’t let that stop us from doing a clearing together now, tuning into what feels real and raw today. We have the power to start fresh in any given moment. We have a choice, we are not stuck, we don’t need to wait, nothing is permanent, your new habits, healing, relationships, projects, life can start now.

What if together we call in the power of new moon energy at this moment. Releasing anything lingering from the past and setting powerful intentions for the future and all that you want to manifest.

New beginnings await. A new moon occurs when the sun and moon align at the same degree starting a new cycle. Alignment. A position of agreement or alliance. What if a new beginning occurs when you head, heart and body align at the same intention and embrace the beginning of a new cycle. A new habit. A new commitment. A new project. A new life.

Shall we bring them into alignment? Your head, heart and body. Yes.

Anything in your life is possible right now. With this new moon energy, this fresh start, claiming what is yours, opening up to what you are ready for. Fresh. Clean slate.

Let’s start with your head. Take a moment to think about the answers to these questions.

What new plans & ideas did you dreaming about this year?

What fresh brilliance keeps bubbling up for you?

Is there anything that you have been feeling that you find yourself squashing down time and time again?

Take a moment to let that swirl around in your head. Write it down if you need.

What new inspirations do you feel alive with?

What new visions have come into your life?

What fresh creativity have you encountered this year?

What do you want to start?

What feels like it is calling you?

What great things do you want to achieve?

Now your heart.

Tell me, what is it that you claim? Can you imagine yourself stepping into the center of the circle, placing your hands on your beautiful body, filling your lungs with oxygen and on the exhale letting out a sigh, letting it all go.

You already know, you already feel it. Say it, out loud or whisper it to your heart.

I claim my… what do you claim?

I claim my… What is it?

Write it down. Dance it through.

Call it out. I claim my…

Your voice. Your freedom. Your creativity. Your body. Your sovereignty. Your space. Your pleasure. Your power.

With the fullness of your heart and the passion you have for this life, with one hand on your heart and one hand on another part of your body complete the following declaration

I claim my…. I am calling in ….

I claim my powerful magnetism. I call in all of the magical opportunities that come with it.

And now your body.

This last piece of the alignment puzzle is an essential element to permeate the manifestation and alignment, plus it is a pure gift to give to yourself. Move it through, dance it through, feel what you have called into your life channel throughout all parts of your being. May it be soft and nourishing, or strong and triumphant. Let your movement, your dance symbolize the commitment you have to what you have just called in, what you are claiming for this next cycle, for your life.

Create space, press play on this playlist >> New Moon playlist.

Allo your body to guide you to complete this new moon alignment ritual…head, heart and body.

And so it is.


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Fierce clarity.  Wild creativity.  Spirited courage.

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You will mostly find me activating people to drop from their head, down into their body. That is where the real wisdom is. 

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We're in this together. Right?

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