Sacred Cycles: Reclaim your inner wisdom ( aka how I completely healed myself)

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Before you listen to this podcast, I beg you to get up and dance to this LADY POWERS >>YES<<

OK now that we are feeling fierce af let’s get into the real juice. Keep reading or hit play to listen to me share the wisdom.


What day are you on? Do you know? Are you tuning into the flow of your monthly cycle?

The day I opened up to the knowing that there was a Universe inside of me, miraculously healing, detoxifying and flowing intuitively, was the day my entire world shifted.

I recently went to a workshop on hormonal balance. Sitting in a room of hundreds of women I was shocked to feel like I was the only one in the room with a vibrantly healthy, pain-free, natural cycle that I had crafted myself without the help of any doctors or pharmaceuticals. It hit me so painfully to know how disconnected we are from our greatest wisdom, our most natural teacher.

I am not a doctor. I am a woman. A woman who has gone from fighting my body with resistance, trapped in debilitating pain to a place of passionate love for my cycle, it’s wisdom and the freedom it gifts me, the lessons it offers up every month, every day.


Storytime. I am in year 9 and I am sitting in the principal’s office with my Mum, mortified as she hands over the doctors certificate to explain why I haven’t been at school for so long. It reads “vaginal bleeding”. Kill me now. Earth please open up and swallow me. I bled for 72 days straight. Our family doctor still tells my mother I am the “worst case” she has ever treated.


We all have our stories. Mine was that I was not ready to be a woman and did not know how to accept my surging femininity and so I raged with crippling pain, unstoppable flooding of my womanhood and disgust over it all, I was ashamed to be a woman and I didn’t know how to handle it.

You might want to take a moment to reflect on your stories. The pain, flow, wonder, blocks. Times of stagnation and times of release.

Where am I at now? Well, right now I am on day 12 of my cycle, gearing up to ovulate on the Full Moon and embody the delicious and creative superpowers that this alignment brings. I may explode, so if you don’t hear from me then just know that I have fractured into a million blissful pieces of orgasmic joy. I will be back. I luxuriate in natural, pain-free, beautifully flowing blood every month with perfect timing and how divinely it symbolizes my feminine powers. I connect with my phases of the cycle every day, feel them, listen to them and accept the information they are giving and receiving.

It became truth to me that if I connected with the wisdom inside my body instead of fighting it then I could find love and acceptance for it and an end to pain and suffering. That if I began celebrating each phase of my cycle instead of fearing it and keeping it in the shadows then I would have a deeper connection with my body, my emotions, my growth than ever before. My theory was right.

But what are the phases? How do we track them? Oh, you are going to love this part, if you don’t already know. It is going to blow you away with how freaking miraculous we are. This information alone will have you bowing at your own feet in awe.


There are 4 natural cycles. Even if you don’t bleed, you are irregular or you are not connected to your cycle you can bath in this wonder and bring it into your experience.


Phase 1: The Menstrual Phase (Day 1-5)

Day 1 is the first day you bleed. You start counting your cycle length from this day. The inner lining of your uterus flows out. That in itself is absolutely mindblowing to me. We warrior women release a miraculous build up of blood, emotions, toxins, energy in harmonious flow…and we. don’t. die. Our insides come out and they are meant to. We let go and have the opportunity to connect to our womb space and release every month whether we bleed or not.

Just take a long, deep, slow breath to celebrate that intelligence. Ah.

A time of rejuvenation, purification, rest, and creativity. You might feel softly Yin during this time, just like the New Moon phase, whether your own cycle is synched with the phases of the moon or not. Even if you can’t take a few days off every month to nurture and detox at this time ready for the excitement of what is about to happen it is so vital to make extra moments in your day for Yin practices during the Menstrual Phase. Slow, sensual, relaxing movement, hips opening, womb healing, journaling new ideas, visualizing making space or literally making space in your home, your life, your body.


Phase 2: Follicular phase (day 1-13)

This phase also begins on the first day of bleeding, but it lasts until Day 13.

Listen up, lean into this wisdom that happens while you are going about your busy life. Your pituitary gland (do you know where that treasure of a gland is? Right int he center of your brain) secretes a hormone that stimulates the egg cells in your ovaries to grow. It could even be happening right now for you, take that awesomeness and parade it around like a badge of honor woman because you are a miracle, you are a sacred piece of art. The egg growing in you, the idea growing in you, the creativity growing in you takes 13 days to mature. But don’t get fixated on numbers. Your numbers may differ. You might feel your egg mature and release sooner than 13 days.


Phase 3: Ovulation phase (day 14)

OK I don’t want to play favorites BUT I am out and proud about it. I LOVE OVULATING. I love the sensations it brings to my body, the energy it brings to my life and the creativity it gifts to my world. Oh it is soooo yummy. I want to dance all night long, I feel sexy and savvy and I never want this feeling to end…even though I know I only have a few days of feeling like a walking orgasm ha! I make the most of it…even if it is just in my fantasies, journal entries and online video making. Yes, of course, I schedule my work and creations around my monthly cycles.

And can we just say it like it is, we (well many of us) release an egg. This egg could turn into a human. Can we just take a moment to fully comprehend that? Woah. I personally have always chosen my eggs to not turn into humans but I can say with full passion in my bones that they have turned into power, purpose, presence and creative force in this world. We are all creators. Even more powerful when we connect to our earthly cycles, moon cycles and rhythmic cycles.

Try it. I know you might be listening to this thinking I have swallowed some kind of love drugs but I promise you everything shifted when I started tracking my cycles, dancing them through, cherishing my femininity and fertility and embracing my universe within. We will talk more about the rituals surrounding all of that in a moment. On to the next phase.


Phase 4: Luteal phase (day 15-28)

If some stealth-like sperm has not made it’s way to collide with your tantalising egg and you are not creating human life then you can rest up without even doing much because your egg will disintegrate and your body will prepare for the menstrual phase again.

Whether human life is being formed inside of you or not at this phase I like to think of it as a time of reflection and evaluation. I feel myself get a little more introverted at this time, taking stock, bunkering down and doing some of the tasks I have dreamed up during my fanciful ovulation phase.

If I have held on to any emotion, eaten any processed foods or haven’t danced daily I will feel some heaviness in my body at this phase, maybe some tenderness or bloating but if I have remembered to keep it clean and moving then my body will reward me by staying in lightness and flow.

I do not suffer from PMS. If emotions come up I am fully connected to them because I understand my cycle and I can reflect back over the days and take note if I have not danced enough or I have eaten many foods with hormone-altering chemicals then I can come to understand any feelings that might wash through me in the luteal phase.


Can you also see the synchronicity between these earthly body phases and the phases of the moon?


So how do we tune in? How do we connect more? Feel into and understand our wisdom.


I can share with you what offered up the greatest healing and peace for me. Again I have to remind you that I had a traumatic and painful introduction to my cycle and I am buzzing with elation sharing this with you knowing that I have had completely pain-free, blissful (yes blissful!), regular and healthy cycles for at least the last 12 years without the input of any doctors. We all have different paths and you get to fully embrace yours. I love the wisdom of my body and I hope what I am about to share helps you to connect with the most beautiful and miraculous part of you, your natural flow states.


1. I embraced my sensuality and sexuality through dance

This has been one of the greatest healing adventures of them all. I struggled to find balance with my feminine and masculine spirit in my younger years. I remember the devastation I felt when I realized I could no longer walk around with my top off, and the deeper trauma I experienced when I understood that my sexuality and sensuality had to be covered from unwanted attention.

At the age of 30 I danced my way to an understanding that being sexy, feeling sensual was not for anyone else; it was for me. This felt like an instantaneous healing. For me, it happened through the art of hoop dance. I randomly picked up an adult size hula hoop and tapped into an unlimited source of joy through undulation and sensuality in my body that had a powerful ripple effect into all other areas of my life. I went on to uncover who I truly was and how I chose to express through dance, movement and sensual expression. Cut from a woman suffering from monthly cramping, heavy flow, a lack of self love, horrific acne and hormonal imbalance to a high vibing, hula hooping, wonder woman in sexy costumes spinning on club podiums in absolute love with her strength, cycles and sensuality… and teaching that to anyone who would listen, on any platform available. It has been an ongoing journey.

It is a practice. A continuous one. And here is why I know it’s power and healing. When I turned 40 I got jolted back into a void, the depths of it told me that my feminine power was no longer of any use, I was too old to dance and my sensuality had no place in my life anymore. How these thoughts manifested physically was through monthly hormonal migraines. No, not a headache, a crippling, blinding, deathly 48 hour migraine every time I would bleed. Month after month. I was in shock and physical depression again. I went to a neurologist and she told me I was just one of the unlucky ones. Me being ME, I simply thought, “fuck that, I know exactly how to heal myself” After a full year of this I got up from my couch and my crippling thoughts and I started to dance again, all of me, my messy, sexy, wild, deep, soft, full body dance. Instant healing. No migraines, no pain, just beautiful fluid life, energy and vibrance. Once again I became a magnet for life force.

So please dance. I cannot beg you more deeply, on behalf of your body please dance. You know how. Make space. Use my playlists. Please dance. Slow. Fast. Teary. Sexy. In darkness and light. In sadness or joy. Sway. Stagger. Twirl. Play. Please dance.

I made you 4 playlists to use during your 4 phases.

RELEASE >>here<< during the first days of your cycle.

GROWTH >>here<<  before you ovulate

RAPTURE >>here<< during that ecstatic phase

REFLECT >>here<< in the lead up to releasing again.

Join me for daily/weekly hoop dance play >>here<< or on Instagram @deannelovexo 


2. I numbered my days

You know how little kids count down the days until their birthday or Christmas? I count the days until I release, bleed, rejoice in my internal intelligence. It is miraculous and yet still so many of us cringe. And I totally understand, I used to too because it meant pain, inconvenience, messiness. After healing my cycle I wanted to count every day in celebration. I also know one day I won’t have a cycle anymore and I want to treasure it for as long as I can. So I count. Day 1 the fun has just begun. Day 2 nothing to do. Day 3 filling with glee.

Do you know what day you are on?

You can use an app to track your cycles or write it in your journal. I have always used Pink Pad but I am thinking of changing to Natural Cycles. Some of my girlfriends love Clue. What do you use?


3. I changed what I put on and in my body

I got really savvy about the chemicals and hormones that were going into my body through food, water, cleaning products, make up and personal care products. And I limited them.

If I am going to be completely honest, I became an extremist in the beginning. When I learned that the hormones and chemicals in the food I was eating and the chemicals I was using were altering or blocking my internal balance I immediately went on a deep, healing cleanse. I just had to know if this information was correct. It was, for me.

I did a huge life cleanse. I immediately threw out all chemicals in my home that could be blocking or altering my own hormones. Hint: that was ALL of them. All plastics, cleaning products, air fresheners, tampons, clothes and dishwashing products that I would be ingesting chemicals or hormones blockers from. There are cheaper and healthier alternatives for all of them.

All food except for organic fruits and vegetables were eliminated and I did a lengthy water fast. I know some of you might be ready to press stop on this podcast and I remind you that this was just my path. I was in pain, imbalance and confusion. It was manifesting itself in physical and emotional dysfunction so I wasn’t prepared to live the rest of my life like this. When I recognised that the food I was eating might be contributing to it I had no other choice but to make a change. I wasn’t prepared to suffer for the rest of my life, take medications or hormones and allow it to turn into other disease. My life, my body, my freedom was more delicious than chocolate cake, cheeseburgers or milk on processed cereal. I do love chocolate cake though.

Every time I have introduced processed foods back into my diet on a regular basis I have had health issues. For me it is pretty obvious what the culprit is. Again this is just my journey, choose your own adventure and what you put into your beautiful body wisely.

I have left some links to resources that helped me. Again, you will need to decide what works for your life.

The Medical Medium

Food Babe

Tyler Tolman

Fully Raw


Do you know what day all of your friends are on? When they bleed? When they ovulate? I hope so, but probably not because many of us move through all of this receptivity, femininity, intuition, illumination, fertility, transition, perception, mystery and renewal in silence, alone. The deepest source of our creativity and personal power is not celebrated. And it is ok to keep it as a personal experience but it is not ok to keep it in the shadows and disconnect from what is miraculously occurring inside of you. What are we hiding? Our feminine powers?


Together we heal and if you feel called to share your stories, your journey I would be so honored to read them over on

Happy Day whatever you are on.

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