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Slay Statement : Backstage of your business : She Strategy Reflection

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I love being backstage. Actually, it was one of the most treasured things I take away from my years of performing. Sure the stage is exhilarating, it’s a platform for pure expression and connection with the audience but to me it is what happens backstage that really makes all the difference. That is where the gems are located.

I remember performing at a club in Tokyo, the other acts were all Japanese burlesque stars, as I was wrangling my hoops and slipping into my slinky costume backstage I secretly side-eyed all of the incredible women in the back room. Their pre-performance rituals, make up techniques and special beauty regimes were magical. I was in awe of their organized makeup cases, the planning that went into their acts and the efficiency of their preparation.

Without all of the backstage action, their shows would never be the magnificent and polished pieces that they presented on stage. It is then that I realised it is all about what happens before we even get on the stage that makes all the difference.

Think of it like a majestic iceberg bobbing in the ocean, we only see the tip piercing through the water but that is the tiniest part of the story, power, balance and brilliance of it all.

This is why I have such a ferocious desire to play around in the backstage brillance of creative business. It is all the stuff you don’t see, all the pre-performance rituals that really excite me. It is also why I have a burning desire to support you backstage, be their to help you cultivate your courage, creativity and clarity backstage…because that is where the magic happens.

In last week’s podcast I shared with you my past discomfort around planning and how I used to harbor such disdain for long-term plans. But after learning, the long and hard way, I came to know that business and creative projects get way too overwhelming and muddled if there is no roadmap.

So I made the She Strategy. A simple, helpful, effective way to review where you are at and guide you to where you want to be.

Last week we did part 1 of the She Strategy Audit, the reflection phase. If you haven’t already downloaded the free She Strategy Audit Workbook on I will take you through the 8 areas of reflection.

Take a moment when you download your workbook to colour in the mandala reflecting these areas

  1. People/ Mentors/ Support
  2. Customers/ Clients / Audience
  3. $/ Cashflow/ Sales
  4. Website / Social Media
  5. Offerings/ Products/ Services
  6. Marketing Plan & Vision
  7. Leadership /Wellbeing
  8. Time / Focus / Energy

Give each piece of the pie a score from 1 – 10. 10 being the most empowered, alive and momentous

This week we are going to take that reflection and make some declarations so that we can feel fully prepared to begin planning, to dive into a She Strategy without distraction.

Next, we are taking an old-school business strategy and making it fresh!

Take a quick minute to write down a few points in each box on the next page (or in your journal).

Strengths. The areas you are feeling high vibes in.
Limitations. The things that are holding you back.
Actions. Top priority steps you NEED to take.
RiskY. The areas where you need to take a giant leap.

With all of that in mind, I want you to write a SLAY statement. Like your mission statement just way more fierce.

Your SLAY statement is your manifesto, your declaration of the intentions for your business or project.

Allow your SLAY statement to include the strengths that you have recognised, the limitations that you are ready to bust through, the actions you are ready to plan, and the areas you are going to take a big leap into.

It might be made up of “I” statements

I am a creative and playful leader. I have crafted valuable offerings for my community. I am ready to map out my online channels and move forward with completing my book.

I am surrounded by clever mentors and people who support me. I have spent enough time daydreaming and being distracted. I am ready to book the studio to record my first online course. I am going to say yes to facilitating the women’s circles.

When you have given yourself time to go through this full reflection, leave your SLAY statement in the comments below.

Your sharing allows you to declare your readiness but also inspires other women, so I hope you will find it in your heart to drop your Slay Statements below.

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Fierce clarity.  Wild creativity.  Spirited courage.

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You will mostly find me activating people to drop from their head, down into their body. That is where the real wisdom is. 

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We're in this together. Right?

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