Stop overthinking. Ignite now.

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This week on my Instastories I have had my movement activist pants on, inciting motion in any body that will get up and groove. 1 minute is all I have been asking of you. 1 minute to get up and move your body, shake up your soul. Why? For the same reason I do anything, I believe that our treasures are hidden inside and when we shake them up then tune in to listen that is when the real wisdom comes to the surface. The body never lies but the mind will try to trick you all day long.

Imagine a time when you have felt less than vibrant. Perhaps you laid around stagnant in your body and overactive in your thoughts, perhaps mindlessly scrolling on social media searching for sensations and distractions, finding them and sending your thoughts and emotions into a spiral that rarely includes the depth and richness of your body. Or maybe laying awake in the middle of the night going over and over thoughts that started as something small and escalated into feelings of absolute defeat. In your head. Then think of a time when you have felt elated, ecstatic, juiced up. Perhaps after a workout, swimming in the ocean, hiking through the trees, making love with another or yourself, flowing into depths on a dance floor, eating the sweetest fruit nature has gifted you, igniting sensory perception and tapping into sights, sound, touch and taste around you divinely in the present moment and deliciously embodied. In your body.

Presence a state of no thought. Embodiment a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling. Flow immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. They all exist right here and right now. All that we have. Where do you want to live? In flow, with presence, embodied.

The killer of it all. Overthinking. An addiction, an epidemic of the modern world and the artificially stimulated mind.

I am an overthinker. Why do you think I move so much? Why do you think I beg you to groove with me? Overthinking. Intellectual analysis. A trick of the mind to take us out of the simplicity and beauty of the perfect present moment and catapult us into the memories of the past and the need to tackle the future; two states that are simply not even happening and yet we dwell there.

So if the only real beauty and bliss resides right here and now how do we curb our addictions to overthinking, how do we activate presence to slow down the overactive mind?

Let’s call them 1 minute gateways. 1 minute may turn onto 2, or 3 or 10 minutes of embodied, present, flow; that is the beauty of being devoted to the practice of presence, it might grow and expand, like a muscle we exercise.

If you have been exercising your distraction or over thinking muscles a lot recently then you might enjoy these 1-minute gateways. Gift yourself with these entry points into the present moment or awareness or mindfulness.

Why 1 minute? Well, we all have 1 minute, right? And if flow and freedom allow the mindfulness practice might go for longer but starting with just 1 minute is a no excuses way of exercising your awareness muscle. If I told you that the only gateway to a calm, still and creative mind is a 3-hour daily meditation, chances are you are not going find the time to stop life for 3 hours a day…but 1 minute. We can all do 1 minute. Daily or several times a day.

So here is a list of some gateways I enjoy. I would love to hear how you bring presence into your day or what practices you embrace to still an overthinking mind. You can leave your ideas in the show notes over on

Of course, I have to start with 1 minute of ecstatic, free-flowing, dance. Move your body any way you can.

1 minute of a stream of written consciousness, anything that is in your head get it out on to paper

1 minute of watching the waves crash on the shore

1 minute of gazing at a flickering candle flame

1 minute of looking at each of the petals of a flower

1 minute of chanting a mantra or singing an affirmation. This really helps me to calm my mind when flying or doing something that I am fearful of, in moments when I can easily fill my head with negative overactivity.

1 minute of putting your socks into matching pairs. Yes, you can bring mindfulness to all parts of your day. Witness your mind when you are doing simple tasks at home. Where is it wandering? How is it embracing the task with presence?

1 minute of caressing your body, feeling your skin, your texture, curves, uniqueness

1 minute of full body, heart and lung expanding breaths with a body scan, visualizing each breath flowing from the top of your head to the souls of your feet

1 minute of gratitude. Spend a minute listing all of the reasons you are supremely grateful in this moment

1 minute of eye contact with a friend, lover or stranger (best to ask for permission first, strangers int he shopping mall might find this a little kooky if you insist on eye gazing in the supermarket express check out aisle…)

What are your gateways? How do you bring yourself back to center? Back to NOW?

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Fierce clarity.  Wild creativity.  Spirited courage.

These three pursuits sometimes get me in trouble. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Are you with me? 

Let’s do the deep work together. Let’s find focus in a world of distractions. Let’s make change. Let’s connect to our inner wisdom.


You will mostly find me activating people to drop from their head, down into their body. That is where the real wisdom is. 

I made a commitment over a decade ago to awaken my deepest intelligence through creative movement and activated voice. Let’s dance. Let’s take up space together.

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We're in this together. Right?

It’s nice to know that we are connected. And super human. And will be dancing together very soon. In spirit or in sweatiness.

Sometimes a podcast, perhaps a love letter, maybe a meditation. I like to mix it up. Don’t you? 

Let’s keep things spicy.