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11/11/11 ✨ Tough (Deanne) Love Ass Kicking Coming at YOU. Limber up sister. This is my inner Priestess (the archetype I embody with compassionate clout in all parts of my life) staring you down with love in Her heart and connecting directly to the Divine in you. 
I see Her. Her audacious, heroic potency. Legendary Queendom. A force so intoxicating that all those who encounter Her are left high on the SHEductive fumes. 
Now is the time for you to get the fuck out of the way. Let Her weave her wisdom. She is dancing into her rightful role but you have to make space on the dancefloor. 
You wanna work some real, rawkus, orgasmic magic in your life? All of it?

Yes! Not gonna take anything less than a fuck yeah, full power from YOU; from Her. In all your realness, softness, humanness, beauty and love for YOUR life.

I’m calling you to immerse in the luscious buoyancy of the frequency of fuck yeah, the euphoria of your own YES!

I don’t need you to hold me. I’m not asking you just to witness me. I call you to meet me. Because I know you can. We are not fucking around anymore. The call to rise is palpable. You can taste it. Tell me you know it. 
What is at stake if we choose not to? LIFE. In it’s fullest expression. All of it. The yearning of your soul’s deepest desires and the expression of your heart’s realness. 

I am not willing to give that up. Are you? You with me? 

Here is what you are going to need to pack in your bag. Your turned on intuition. Your commitment to service. Your connection to ritual. Your devotion to your inner sanctum and sacred cycles. Your depth of sensitivity. Your immersion in the dream world. Your rich embodiment. Your unwavering pledge to LOVE. All of your muthafuckin REALNESS

Want some help? I love a good packing party

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Fierce clarity.  Wild creativity.  Spirited courage.

These three pursuits sometimes get me in trouble. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Are you with me? 

Let’s do the deep work together. Let’s find focus in a world of distractions. Let’s make change. Let’s connect to our inner wisdom.


You will mostly find me activating people to drop from their head, down into their body. That is where the real wisdom is. 

I made a commitment over a decade ago to awaken my deepest intelligence through creative movement and activated voice. Let’s dance. Let’s take up space together.

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We're in this together. Right?

It’s nice to know that we are connected. And super human. And will be dancing together very soon. In spirit or in sweatiness.

Sometimes a podcast, perhaps a love letter, maybe a meditation. I like to mix it up. Don’t you? 

Let’s keep things spicy.