Treasures: An oracle card reading for you

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This week I picked a card from each of my fav oracle card decks. I share with you the messages that these cards bring and know that they will resonate with a part of your life, giving you answers and insight for your week.


The first card is from the Moonology Deck by Yasmin Boland 

New Moon in Aquarius came up for you. Tune into the podcast to see what message that brings.

The second card is from the Inner Star Deck by Darling Tree

We received Childlike Play

And the third card came from Gabriella Rosie‘s Bad Bitch Affirmation Deck

We got given the “The Universe gives me everything I want + need. Always has + always will”


A powerful and sweet combination. I share my interpretation or connection to each of these cards for you and then share the creator’s insight.

Wishing you a sweet week full of wonder and flow.



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Fierce clarity.  Wild creativity.  Spirited courage.

These three pursuits sometimes get me in trouble. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Are you with me? 

Let’s do the deep work together. Let’s find focus in a world of distractions. Let’s make change. Let’s connect to our inner wisdom.


You will mostly find me activating people to drop from their head, down into their body. That is where the real wisdom is. 

I made a commitment over a decade ago to awaken my deepest intelligence through creative movement and activated voice. Let’s dance. Let’s take up space together.

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We're in this together. Right?

It’s nice to know that we are connected. And super human. And will be dancing together very soon. In spirit or in sweatiness.

Sometimes a podcast, perhaps a love letter, maybe a meditation. I like to mix it up. Don’t you? 

Let’s keep things spicy.