Your Future Self: Find the answers to your questions

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If you have ever found yourself at a crossroad, blocked by indecision or clouded by confusion then this week’s journey is going to offer up some powerful insight for you. The wisdom you will receive this week will come directly from within in.

We spend so much of our lives looking for the answers outside of ourselves, reaching for resolution through others but what if the most profound wisdom was always inside of you.

I have discovered over the years that if I get really quiet I can hear her, my inner voice and she often takes on the form of my wise future self. Sometimes she comes to me in dreams, sometimes in the shower, sometimes in breathwork or meditation.

Often she is at her strongest after movement medicine so I highly recommend giving yourself 10 mins to an hour of movement to awaken her before we do this week’s inquiry. Dance your heart out, hoop around your living room, go for a walk or run, do a striptease for yourself in the mirror or bounce around until you feel rewilded… and then suddenly peaceful.

This week we are going to do a Future Self Journey. Our inner life coach, inner shaman. Always there to guide you, if only you will tune in.

Set up a sweet space free of distractions. In a comfy chair or against the wall, laying down or however your body can completely surrender. Make sure to have your journal and a pen beside you so you can write about your journey at the end of this insightful meditation.

Let’s begin

Take a moment just to tune in with your body, how it is feeling, where it might be holding any tension. Gently close your eyes and start to notice your breath, the rise and fall of your chest, the expansion of your belly. Bring your awareness to the sweet flow of life force floating in and out of your nostrils, gently relaxing you, calming you with each breath. Bringing your awareness to the top of your head, notice your scalp and hair softening and relaxing. Bring your awareness to the muscles of your brow and around your eyes, notice as they release and soften with each breath. Allow your cheeks to relax and your jaw to loosen. Perhaps opening and closing your mouth a few times, softening your tongue and your lips. Drawing attention back to your breath. Inhale and exhale.

Imagine your body gently becoming lighter and lighter As you inhale and exhale Letting any tension or holding on just float away.

Float your awareness down to your to feet, noticing any restriction you may feel in your feet. Bring a sense of light relaxation into the souls of your feet. Bringing your awareness up to your calves and shins, noticing how they become softer and more relaxed with each breath. Your knees, upper legs, the fronts and backs of your thighs take on a lighter more relaxed sensation. With a smooth, natural breathing rhythm bring your awareness to your hips, imagine a gentle opening and a deep softening. Allow your belly to release, let the tension you are holding in your belly float away on your breath. Feel the opening of your ribs relax you even deeper. Take your breath into your lower back, middle back and upper back, allowing relaxation to drift up and down your spine., relaxing the muscles of your back even more deeply. Feel your shoulders soften as you inhale and exhale. Taking your breath into your neck flooding the back of your neck, the muscles on the sides of your neck with softness. Feeling the back of your skull flush with relaxing breath, your jaw and face relax and your brow soften. Let this relaxation melt down your upper arms, wash over your elbows, your lower arms and wrists. Feel the tension in your hands become less and less as you stay in flow with your calming breath.

Take your awareness to your heart space, in the center of your sternum you recognise a golden thread attached to you, a strong, warm, golden thread coming out from your heart. This is your trust, love, this is your inner wisdom. Gently, slowly you feel yourself being drawn by this thread of trust and love, you softly float up and out of your space following the thread, noticing its support and guidance. Noticing your trust. You follow this guidance up into the clouds, the cool air surrounding you. You notice the Earth below you and how the golden thread is guiding you to fly through the clouds, above the earth over trees, mountains, buildings, oceans. Following the Golden thread you fly over the planet exploring, witnessing.

Intuitively below you, you notice a house a space that you are drawn to. Slowly, gently you float back down to Earth and land in front of this house, you notice the part of the world that it is in, you notice the season and you notice that you have flown 20 years into the future, you look around you noticing what this place looks like 20 years in the future, as you make your way up to your future house you notice a front door, you notice its color, it’s texture. This is the home of your future self, 20 years from now. You trust that your golden thread has brought you here for guidance and support. As you go to knock on the door you see your Future Self open the door to meet you, with love, with warmth she welcomes you in. You make eye contact and for a moment gaze softly at her face, her expressions, her presence.

She gently invites you inside you feel her warmth and her wisdom there for you, you notice how it feels to be greeted by your future self, you notice the trust that you have. As she brings you into her home begin to notice the surroundings, what kind of place is it, the furniture, the colours, the energy of the space, you take a look around. As she guides you to sit with her, notice her expressions, take in her eyes and her presence. As you sit with her in comfort notice how she is ready to listen to you, present and open to you asking her anything. As you look into the eyes of your future self you begin to feel curious.

You ask her “what means the most to you?”

You make space for her to answer in her own way perhaps through words, feelings or expressions. You listen to what she has to offer.

Next, you ask “What do I need to know? What do I need to know to get from where I am to where you are” Listen to her answers, let them wash over you

Next you ask “what will help me be the best version of myself? what will help me be my truest self?” now rest back and open up to her wisdom, let her answers wash over you, be guided and beautifully surprised by the flow of your future self. the reassurance, the courage.

Now go ahead and ask her any other question you have for her, trusting that she will have the answers for you, they may come as images, they may come as symbols. Go ahead and tune into her wisdom now……

Finally, ask her “what would you have me do?” “what would you have me do?” Be open to whatever she is offering you, it might make sense or it might surprise you. Open up to your true inner wisdom.

You thank her for her wisdom and for welcoming you into her home and heart. You thank her for the guidance she has given you and you know that you can come back and visit any time you need her. Notice as you are saying your goodbyes she reaches out her hands and places a small gift in your hands, notice what this gift is, notice how it is offered with love. look down at your hands as they wrap around this parting gift and know that you will cherish this symbol and take it with you for guidance.

Make your way out of her house and back to the golden thread that guided you here, reconnecting with your heart space and feeling gratitude for this visit and the wisdom it gifted you. You feel the golden thread gently guiding you back up and away from her house, flying and floating up above the earth, back over the mountains and ocean, soaring with new wisdom and love in your body. Notice as the golden thread supports you to fly back tot he present time, back to where this journey started. As you fly back to where you are resting now you feel supported to gently float down through the clouds, softly landing back in your body, back int he hear and now, feeling present and rested, grounded and safe. You gently wiggle your toes, softly rock your hips and move your fingers. Gently open your eyes and coming back into the space you are in.

In your own time making your way to your journal and taking a moment to write down any of the insights that your future self gifted you.

Write the answers to your questions, any images, sights or words that came through. Write about your future house, your future surroundings. Write about your future self and the gift she gave you when you left her.

What you witnessed and felt can be very powerful, very insightful, it is also very sacred. You may choose to keep these insights to yourself or you might like to share this meditation and journey with friends and talk about your future self insights with each other. If what you saw felt overwhelming or heavy just know that you can do this meditation again and again and rewire your story, reconnect with your real future self.

If you feel called you can share your future self-wisdom with us on in the comments below this future self-journey.


Love and credit to Tara Morh the author of Playing Big for sharing the Inner Mentor meditation. 

Remember you are powerful, courageous, wise and whole. You are loved.

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